Hamilton’s Killer Cop- Ryan Tocher faces investigation again

We’ve done reports on Ryan Tocher in the past.  Ryan has killed two people, beat up a third and was exonerated.  One of the incidents occurred while Tocher was out of uniform. All three were Asian decent, almost as if he’s racist or something.  Details of the suspects and incidents are mentioned in a past video report we’ve done, click play below:

Looks like two time killer cop- Tocher is up to his hyjinks and devastation again.  Now he is being investigated by the Hamilton Police in connection to a car that crashed into a hydro pole on Sept 1st of this summer.  This story has been kept from the public eye for over 3 months.  It left up to 5,000 Binbrook residents without power.

“Police issued a media release following the crash, which happened Sept. 1, a Sunday, at about 1:45 a.m.

Officers were called to Highway 56 and Southbrook Road in Binbrook after a vehicle moving north on the highway left the road and hit a pole, the original release said.

“The impact of the collision caused a power outage lasting several hours in the Binbrook area,” the release said.

It asked for anyone with information to call the Collision Reconstruction Unit.

The Spectator reported at the time that the crash left 4,750 homes in Binbrook, Glanford and Glanbrook without power.”
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This guy is a disgrace to police officers within the Hamilton Police Services.  This guy is clearly out of control, irresponsible, causing needless reckless endangerment not just only to victims and members of the public but also to his own colleagues and himself.   It’s absurd that Chief of Hamilton Police- Glenn De Caire would call this man an exemplary officer to Warrand Francis on Nov 27th 2012 at city hall.  These are the main reasons why De Caire must go!  Take his reckless and deadly policing ideologies and the likes of Tocher with him!  We don’t need this garbage policing.

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  1. Frankie Gotz // December 10, 2013 at 4:50 am //

    @ loyd monga
    It’s ok. We understand you’re getting real mad and frustrated with us for doing truthful articles. But the truth hurts, don’t like it? Quit acting out, do good things and we’ll praise you. Do bad things and we hear about it we’ll expose you. You got that?

    Btw what do you mean by whacked? Is that a threat officer?

  2. loyd monga // December 9, 2013 at 6:44 pm //

    You guys are fucking whacked! Especially you warrand…

  3. warrand francis // December 4, 2013 at 1:36 am //

    Thank you Bam for you’re honest sincere words. But the time is now for ALL the people to rise and stand up against this garbage.
    Please stay tuned, share and come to the next Police meeting at City hall on the 16th December, 4pm. Bring all you’re friends, relatives and neighbours. For Enough is enough already.

  4. I applaud your exemplary reporting of the facts Hamilton and it’s collective community are grateful for your straight forward news reporting. Far to long have the local media supported such psychopathic bureaucrats and their worship and support by like minded individuals in our community. When we rid our city of men like these we will have a safer place to live. Imho °¶

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