80 Year Old Woman Tasered By Police In Mississauga

Last week I wrote about police in Ontario now being allowed to carry taser’s, in an attempt by the province to reduce police shootings.

“To simply put it. Changing hardware does not solve software issues. Regular psychological evaluations, support mechanisms, and a change in the training programs for front line police officers will help correct some of the police violence problems. Not different equipment.”
Ontario Now Allowing Police To Carry Tasers

The same day that I wrote that article an 80 year old woman was tasered in Mississauga.

thestar.com: SIU investigates Peel police tasering 80-year-old woman

A Peel Regional Police officer is under investigation by Ontario’s Special Investigation’s Unit after allegedly Tasering an 80-year-old woman in Mississauga last Wednesday morning.

On Aug. 28, at around 3:30 a.m., police were called to Thomas St. and Erin Mills Pkwy for reports of a female walking along the road.

Once at the scene, three officers spoke with an 80-year-old woman and at some point one of the officers deployed his conducted energy weapon.

The woman proceeded to fall to the ground. She was then taken to Credit Valley Hospital with a fractured hip.
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This new example of outrageous police violence only strengthens my point! New hardware does not solve software problems. When a police officer is willing and able to taser an elderly woman, shoot teenage boys, etc. Training and/or psychological testing should be the first thing that we as a society look towards. When discussing a solution to the problem of police violence.

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  1. The use of the taser by the poorly trained police officers has become the child who is very anxious and excited to use his new toy except in the case of the child the toy is usually harmless. ALL TASERS SHOULD BE WITHELD FROM THE POLICE OFFICER UNTIL HE IS PROPERLY TRAINED TO USE IT BUT MORESO AFTER HE KNOWS WHEN TO USE IT.

  2. Hmm, some guys can be such pussies can’t they? Still who knows, the old gal may be a black belt right? Happens all the time. These old folks pose a very serious physical threat in fact we ought to be hiring them onto the police force since they need no weapons to kick three young trained professional asses. Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to refer to the professionals as asses. Shame on you three and shame on your parents for not have taught you some decency. My guess, they sleep with a light on.

  3. Let me get this straight. 3 officers cannot control an 80 yr. old woman so they have to taser her. In so doing she falls and fractures her hip. At her age that’s likely a slow death sentence. The cops should be ashamed of themselves. They should also be charged. They are paid to ” serve and protect”, not terrorize the public that pays them.

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