Robot Army of 2013! Terminators May Be Real?


The title of this article is a scary thought indeed!  Sounds too fictitious to be real.  Like come on,  we all saw the famous movie “The Terminator” and it’s sequels , which portray a setting where in the future robots have taken over control of the world and are out to ‘terminate’ human beings but we all know that is just a hollywood movie and it’s not real.


Well as we come into the year 2013 that reality is not so unreal as it sounds with the technologies that are being produced by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in the U.S. On the DARPA website the agency writes it: “was established in 1958 to prevent strategic surprise from negatively impacting U.S. national security and create strategic surprise for U.S. adversaries by maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military…. (DARPA) approaches to both advance knowledge through basic research and create innovative technologies that address current practical problems through applied research. DARPA’s scientific investigations span the gamut from laboratory efforts to the creation of full-scale technology demonstrations in the fields of biology, medicine, computer science, chemistry, physics, engineering, mathematics, material sciences, social sciences, neurosciences and more”


DARPA has had plans to develop a fleet of robots that soldiers can deploy in urban combat settings which was announced in 2007 and six years later they have made major inventions and accomplishments towards that goal. Here are just a few of the robots they’ve designed that have artificial intelligence:





1. This robot resembles kind of like a huge insect.  It has 6 legs that rotate 360 degrees which propels it and helps it

maneuver over rocks and rough terrain.  Click HERE to see it in action.





2.This four wheeled robot is quiet impressive.  It wheels around and is able to jump up on top of roofs of buildings.  Click HERE to see it in action.





3.  These robots on the left resemble a large bull.  It has four legs and can keep its balance very well even when one attempts to kick it over. It can walk up hills and navigate through rough terrain.  Click HERE to see it action.




4. This monstrous beast in the above pic resembles a little bit of what is seen in the “Star Wars” films.  It has four legs and walks like an animal.  It has a long neck with a robotic hand as a mouth.  It can pick up heavy objects to move and throw out of it’s way.  Click HERE to see a video. Just watch the first 30 seconds.



5.  This robot is scary!  It has four legs and can run like a cheetah!  Up to 18 miles per hour to be exact.  Click HERE to see it in action.











6. This is a humanoid robot.  It can walk up the stairs and maneuver through difficult tasks such as climbing over and around things. Click HERE to see it in action.


There are numerous more robots produced by DARPA then what is presented in this article!

With the combination of DARPA robots with the artificial intelligent robots being created in China and the world, that have the capability to have full out conversations with humans, is a scary thought. It can only leave the mind with speculation as to what the future is going to look like with these robots in the hands of the tyrannical rulers of the world.




All of the robots above will be used or are being used by the U.S military.  Right now the robots do not seem sinister but we can all speculate on how these machines can be used for malevolent purposes.  Robots number 1 & 2 can be used as bombs ( no more suicide bombers!).  Robots 3 & 4 can attach machine guns to it to hunt down human targets.  Robot 5 can most definitely be used to hunt down human targets, look how fast it is and Robot 6 can be used for many things, maybe help the police force hand out tickets??

Of course a lot of these robots can be used benevolent purposes but I’m just trying to say we all know how power corrupts the mind and the history of the U.S army doesn’t really have benevolent track record.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified asserting that the United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the U.S military.

The U.N openly admits they want establish a one world government and one world banking system under U.N control. In 1992 in Rio de Janerio, Brazil Agenda 21 was created by the U.N which is an implemented action plan with regard to sustainable development. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).  Agenda 21 is a plan that they want to accomplish by the end of the 21st century.

U.N. Agenda 21 Quick Facts

- Governments take control of all land use
– Decision making NOT in the hands of private property owners
– Individual rights are to give way to the needs of communities
– Needs of the community determined by the governing body
– People packed into human settlements, islands of human habitation, close to employment centers, and transportation
– Wildlands Project tells how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans, meaning “NO HUMAN ZONES”.

For more info on U.N Agenda 21 from U.N website Click HERE.

For more info on exposing the tyrannical dangers of U.N Agenda 21 Click HERE


So imagine if the U.N was successful with their ‘new world order” and agenda 21 was fully implemented.  Imagine if you are a human who wishes to not live in the city or part of government society and wish to live in the wild in an Earth Home or building your own shelter in the wilderness.  Imagine if there was a such thing as ‘no human zones’ and if you tried to live free off the land the U.N would deploy their DARPA robots to hunt down humans to incarcerate them or worse.  Just something to think about, all of this is real!  Wake UP!