Google Glass Is Confirmed For Release Late 2013 Confirmed: Google Glass arrives in 2013, and under $1,500
By: Eric Mack

Regular people will be able to purchase Google Glass eyewear by the end of 2013 for less than $1,500, sources have confirmed to CNET.

Google originally targeted 2014 for a consumer release when it revealed Project Glass last year, but the time frame has seemingly sped up in recent months, what with developer hackathons in San Francisco and New York and this week’s announcement that people looking to put Glass to creative use could go through an application process to preorder the augmented reality specs for $1,500.

The company also launched a new site promoting Glass that featured the below video of the new wearable tech in action.
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Instead of posting the promotional video for Google glass. The Paul Joseph Watson breakdown, is more fitting in my opinion

There is nothing like a trans-humanist augmentation, that will catalog every aspect of your life!

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