Fluoride Is a Drug And an Environmental Health Risk to Lake Ont.

Fluoride is added to the drinking water of many municipalities across the nation in Canada and United States as a medication to help prevent cavities. Dentist and toothpaste companies recommend people brush their teeth with sodium fluoride (pharmaceutical grade fluoride).

Fluoride is so toxic it kills bacteria so when it is applied as a topical treatment to teeth it is 100% effective at fighting cavities but must be spat out because of it’s toxicity. Brushing your teeth with fluoride and spitting it out is totally different from taking the fluoride and consuming it in your water. There is an abundant of evidence that suggests that when fluoride is ingested into the human body it can cause a lot of health problems. Call up any tooth paste company and ask them why their product is poisonous and they will tell you it is because of the fluoride. Good website to check out on extensive scientific studies on health and fluoride is FluorideAlert.org

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled fluoride as a compulsory preventive medication in 1957 (Metropolitan Toronto v. Forest Hill, [1957] S.C.R. 569) and also pursuant to the Food and Drugs Act- fluoride (and it’s salts) is listed as a ‘drug’.

Even though legislation and a precedent supreme court ruling clearly states that fluoride is a drug/medication Health Canada contradicts this fact by stating the following:

Fluoride added to water in the concentrations available in Canada is considered nutritional as opposed to therapeutic. Fluoride is added to drinking water as a public health measure to promote dental health and prevent cavities. The fluoride used to fluoridate drinking water is not considered a drug by Health Canada under the Food and Drugs Act and is not regulated by the Department as a drug.
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Health Canada states that fluoride is not a drug but a nutrient, even though it clearly states in the Food and Drugs Act that it is a drug and the Supreme Court judgment reached by justices J. Rand and J. Cartwright ruled that it is a medication.

Fluoride is not a nutrient! Fluoride is an ion of the element fluorine and fluorine is one the most reactive substances. That is a huge lie and I’m not going to sugar coat it. It is a lie.

But why would they lie?

Could it be because they are forcing a drug/medication on millions of people across the nation without the public’s consent which is unlawful and illegal. A health practitioner who proposes a treatment for a person can not administer the treatment without the consent of the person receiving that treatment pursuant to Health Care Consent Act section 10(1)(a).

The type of fluoride they add into the drinking water in the city of Hamilton, which is the city I’m from, and majority municipalities across Canada and U.S is known as hydrofluorosilic acid-H2SiF6. Just take a browse on your city hall website and check. This is not the pharmaceutical grade (sodium fluoride-NaF) that was first added back in the 1950’s. Hydrofluorosilic acid is a by product of the phosphate fertilizer industry and both are an inorganic fluorides. Please watch video below for a 13 minute presentation on hydrofluorosilic acid:

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are informational documents on chemicals that lists emergency procedures for handling or working with substances in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data, toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, spill-handling procedures and sometimes effects on environment.

In Canada, the program known as the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) establishes the requirements for MSDS’s in workplaces and is administered federally by Health Canada . WHMIS and MSDS requirements are also enforced by provincial Ministries or Departments of Labour.

Hydrofluorosilic acid has MSDS issued by WHMIS which is administered by Health Canada. Hydrofluorosilic also known as Fluorososilic acid or Hexafluorosolic acid is listed as an inorganic fluoride in the MSDS sheet as seen below:

The Canadian Environment Protection Act states that inorganic fluorides are toxic substances (under Schedule 1 List of Toxic Substances).

Even on Environment Canada’s website under List of Toxic Substances Managed Under CEPA (Schedule 1) states that inorganic fluoride is a toxic substance as seen below:

In the MSDS released by WHMIS (Health Canada) it states to prevent hydrofluorosilic acid to discharge into waterways or sewers as seen below:

By fluoridating the municipality’s water supply with hydrofluorosilic acid is actually polluting Lake Ontario. When people in Hamilton (and other areas surrounding Lake Ontario) wash their hands, take a shower or wash their car outside, all that water contaminated with hydrofluorosilic acid goes into the sewers and back into Lake Ontario therefore polluting it according to MSDS and statutes that claim inorganic fluoride is a toxic substance.

Let’s just take a look at how many gallons of hydrofluorosilic acid is added to muncipalities drinking water around Lake Ontario in a day.


R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant, 950 ML/d = water supplied per day

R.L. Clark Water Treatment Plant, 615 ML/d = water supplied per day

F.J. Horgan Water Treatment Plant, 570 ML/d = water supplied per day

Island Water Treatment Plant, 410 ML/d = water supplied per day

Region of Peel

Lakeview Water Treatment Plant, 560 ML/day = water supplied per day

Lorne Park Water Treatment Plant, 347 ML/day = water supplied per day

City of Hamilton, 200,000,000 GALLONS/day = water supplied per day


The Burlington Water Purification Plant (WPP), 263 ML/d = water supplied per day

The Regional Municipality of Durham

OSHAWA, 134,000m3/day = water supplied per day

WHITBY, 118,000m3/day = water supplied per day

AJAX, 163,500m3/day = water supplied per day

The total water output in gallons in one day = 1,148,752,224.43 gallons.

At 1 part per million, that is 1,148.75 gallons of HYDROFLUOROSILICIC ACID per day that is added to city water – just from the above water treatment plants only. All of this water runs off into Lake Ontario.

I’m sure since the 1950’s until now there has been an accumulation of inorganic fluorides in Lake Ontario. This is a huge environmental crisis! The Government of Canada makes no sense. On one hand they want to stop the fluoride emissions leaking into the environment from production companies but at the same time neglecting the fact that it is leaking into the lake by adding fluoride to municipal drinking water.

Health Canada is in violation of the Fisheries Act, specifically:

* s. 34(1), containing provisions to conserve and protect the fish habitat that sustains Canada’s fishery resources, and to prevent its harmful alteration;
* s. 35(1), prohibiting the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat; and
* ss. 36-42, controlling the deposit of any deleterious substance into water, which is fish habitat.

In the first part of the Canadian Environment Protection Act the government states that they recognizes that the risk of toxic substances in the environment is a matter of national concern and that toxic substances, once introduced into the environment, cannot always be contained within geographic boundaries;

It also states that the Government of Canada recognizes the integral role of science, as well as the role of traditional aboriginal knowledge, in the process of making decisions relating to the protection of the environment and human health and that environmental or health risks.

It also states that Government of Canada will endeavour to remove threats to biological diversity through pollution prevention, the control and management of the risk of any adverse effects of the use and release of toxic substances, pollutants and wastes, and the virtual elimination of persistent and bioaccumulative toxic substances.

In conclusion the Government of Canada is forcing a drug/medication/toxic substance known as fluoride (hydrofluorosilic acid) onto millions of Canadians without their consent contravening the Health Care Consent Act. The Government of Canada is in violation of the Fisheries Act and the Canadian Environment Protection Act by allowing 1,148,752,224.43 gallons of a toxic substance to flow into Lake Ontario everyday and by not following the proper procedures and actions to protect our health and environment.