Canada Takes Unprecedented Step Towards A Cashless Society

Over the years we have heard and seen many people warning of the coming cashless society. Religious groups have been warming people about the “mark of the beast” for ages. It has always been something that was considered to be in the distant future, but not anymore!

BA International, a banknote printing operation in Ottawa owned by Giesecke & Devrient in Germany, stopped printing currency (including Canadian) as of January 1 2013. You read that right! As of January first, no more Canadian currency is being printed. Source

Why have they stopped? According to BA International it is due to a decrease in demand for new bills, thanks to the new plastic currencies longer life expectancy.

Are the plastic bill so good that we simply do not need to print anymore money?

In a short answer, of course not! Take a look at the multiple cases of the plastic $100 dollar bills melting.

When the federal government was asked by the Canadian press (in a FIOA request) about the bills melting. They basically refused to give any information, citing national security concerns. Source

Can the plastic bills still be lost? Get damaged? Of course. So the idea of them being so great that we don’t need to print anymore currency is absurd! The real agenda is a cashless future.

According to a poll conducted by Paypal Canada. 56% of Canadians would prefer using a digital wallet then cash already. Source

With acceptance numbers above the 50% mark, the Royal Canadian Mint has begun to slowly release the Mintchip.

The concept of digital currency will slowly be advanced over the coming years, while the physical money supply diminishes. Leaving our future generation with a low supply of physical cash, and an abundance of technology for digital currency. To them it will only make sense to make the move to digital, because it will be all they have ever known.

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  1. Interesting, Canadian comments, re cashless- most folks don’t know that Australia was the Worlds 1st, EFTPOS setup, why– large landmass, mostly coastal population. easier to control plus software bugs sorted out before being taken internationally it is believed that New Zealand and Australia will be the World’s first, totally cashless society the big boys DO have a plan!!! just keep an eye for this happening in the forseeable future>

  2. I live in Canada and without a doubt we are one of the top 5 cashless nations in the world. But regardless if your money is electronic, paper, plastic or coin. It can be seized or rendered obsolete at the whim of the government.

    A simple edict would make all old cash illegal and no longer legal tender. Or easier yet pass a law that goods may not be sold with cash or coin.

    It does not matter what form our money is in it will always be subject to seizure or being cancelled. Even gold and silver can be outlawed for use in trade.

    Folks when the crunch comes and it will. Count on whatever it is in monetary form will be rendered obsolete and useless. In the short term having cash on hand for emergency buying before it all comes crashing down is wise. But do you honestly think any Goverment will allow the purchase of limited supplies to those with cash for more then a day or so.

    The government will order all stores closed, martial law will be declared and food rationing will be set up at government centers. After the dust settles all old currency will be null and void. To those of you that think you will be able to buy and sell with gold or silver coin I ask who do you plan to buy it from when the NWO will own everything?

  3. In the US, the banks just got all law past that allows, legally, the banks to sieze all money in private accounts, if a banking emergency requires a cashflow that exceeds the bank reserve, in order to keep the bank afloat. Citizens who stash money outside of the reach of banks, will not be hurt. With a cashless system, this will be impossibe, as the mint chip is accounted for in the banking system as are all debit/ credit cards. They are poised with this system to take all money, not just part away from all people. The brutality of 1929 proves they will have ruthlessness to do it. Better keep an eyeball on the banking laws up there.

  4. They can’t keep the debit machines running properly, how the hell are they going to get this to work? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a drive thru or gas station and been soo grateful for twenty bucks cash, cause without it, I would have been SOL. Anybody who thinks we need to move to a LESS TRACKABLE/ACCOUNTABLE, easily fudged cloud system for their money concerns are lazy, stupid, and shouldn’t be making any descisions for anybody.

  5. F*ck mint chip!! what a stupid idea. Don’t be brainwashed by this bullshit. Decide for yourself. We should go back to gold and silver, we need tangible currency which holds value.

    Banks already lend you money from money that doesn’t exist the entire bank system is build on fraud. If you are for this your are dumb as a rock.

    start buying silver coins pre 1967 a quarter is worth 6 bucks its approx. 93% silver! Bet you didn’t know that?

  6. There are and will be “countless(!)” problems with a cashless society. Many people can’t handle credit/debit cards. They overspend. I hate them and only use cash.

  7. This is the terrible one because, by the time you get to it, you realise how inevitable it is. Winston Smith’s fate is not just to be defeated, but to have his will turned to submission. “He loved Big Brother.”

    (George Orwell, 1984)

  8. Paul Higgins // January 4, 2013 at 6:19 pm //

    It’s enslavement, and those that cannot see are already enslaved.

  9. Johnny Rockwell // January 4, 2013 at 5:16 pm //

    Stock up dem bullion coins n bars !

  10. Japan is NOT a cashless society! I live there and moreso than Canada it uses more cash then we do. Options are available to use digital cash, but paychecks are often in cash. Most people walk around with cash on hand. Believe it or not, but many bank ATMs have open and close times so having cash on hand when the bank is closed is vital! Debit cards have only been in use for the past two years. Crazy but true.

  11. Check out the following FB Page:

    The Open Project is a place for sharing information to encourage the opening of minds. By doing so, we hope we can create a greater sense of awareness about the world around us.

    Only by being educated can we be empowered to make decisions for future generations to live in harmony with each other and our earth.

  12. Mr Bitcoin // January 4, 2013 at 2:52 pm //

    A digital currency is the future and nobody should be afraid. The decentralised Bitcoin currency is a perfect example. Google ‘We use coins bitcoin’.

    Welcome to 2013

  13. endthefed // January 4, 2013 at 1:59 pm //

    I love it when he says “on a new device we probably don’t know about yet”…. WHY do I instantly think they will want to plant these chips into our wrists.

    The bankers always win. Humanity at its worst…

  14. This is just the next step in corporate and government domination. Say good by to yet another freedom.

  15. Cashless society with microchip = more monitoring and control of the masses by the elites. Say no to the chip. Barter baby!

  16. What is wrong with cashless society?! Wake up people… we are all going to benefit greatly from it. We will no longer have anknotes to worry about, every step we make will be monitored, we will have cameras fitted in our bedrooms (to record potential terrorist plots), we will all have verichip fitted under our skin each and if you dare open your gob and utter a single word against establishment somebody will simply press the button, invalidate your chip and you will be screwed. And you know what… It serves us right. We are spending countless hours glued to TV watching one reality TV show after another being bombarded by subliminal messages. We have no problem with GM food leaving trail of devastation in its path, we drink fluoride laced water, aspartame laced soda drinks so what is left, roll over and die. Well, you roll over and die but I will not. Time to get armed up to our teeth and fight.

  17. Reminds me to check out BitCoin…. if the RCMP sez Canadian money ain’t aloud, we’d be smart to get into international coin

  18. The obvious problem with this wonderful new and easy idea is nothing to do with plastic vs. paper. It has to do with the fact that your money can be switched off at the virtual bank if you do or say anything which the controller doesn’t like. No comeback, no person to accuse; no ability to buy or sell. Death. Perfect. As all your transactions are monitored, then they know what you are buying and selling. On the heels of a gun purchase, you suddenly hear a drone overhead….

  19. Japan already has a cashless society and it is working out just fine for them, just saying.

  20. Yes, another way for the government fraudsters control what we buy sell and get taxed on

  21. They created it to be this way. They are already montioring everything we do.


    Do people get that??????

  22. The governments can shut down the electronic money anytime. The game monolopy teaches that the bankers never lose. End the minetary system and set humanity free. Watch the film Thrive on youtube to get informed.

  23. Allen Quinlan // January 3, 2013 at 9:30 pm //

    And yes with a cashless society one has to stop and think if their privacy will be invaded since big brother will monitor everything that you will purchase! Who benefits from this certainly not us?! The use of credit cards has made the country go more and more in debt.People should stop and think in that banks invent money out of nothing and that we all have to end up paying that debt in the end.Only the super rich and the top 1% benefit from a cashless society.

  24. Not Telling // January 3, 2013 at 8:56 pm //

    I like cash in my hand and NOT something virtual or electronic. If it is not in physical form then it doesn’t exist meaning that this chip is a “fraud” so to speak

  25. I’m a printing press operator out of work. ‘Stop the press’ has finally happened already.

  26. There appear to be many problems with the new plastic bills. I was in line at Costco the other day, and the lady counting the bills at the register was struggling with separating two notes. This and the melting bills… seems like another problem-reaction-solution being played out.

  27. redtankgirl // January 3, 2013 at 7:30 pm //

    Well, I’ll be bartering then, for I’ll still not be using plastic. Metal or barter, but not plastic.

  28. Of course PayPal users would prefer to use digital cash over actual bills! People who use PayPal to shop online use sites like eBay… what a ridiculous statement.

  29. I know it says somewhere in the bible that a paper 50 dollar bill will save me from the devil! C’mon guys God won’t send you to he’ll for having a mastercard

  30. Haven’t seen them melt, but they certainly tear easily. Older plastic gets brittle and something that thin is going to be junk in a few years.

    Don’t we see this again and again. Worse, more harmful junk is brought out and sold as the exact opposite. “Here’s a turd cupcake; it’s the best, darkest chocolate yet that only kings and queens have ate up until now.”

  31. One mint stops printing notes as another has started printing plastic currency hardly means cashless society. The reason given is adequate – there is no longer demand for the old style paper money since the plastic notes are in greater demand. When they stop printing cash altogether then you have a story. This is like saying that replacing horses with cars means that you can no longer use horses.

  32. yo dawg i heard you liked tracking money

  33. anonymous // January 3, 2013 at 1:25 am //

    Then take a stand Ryan….we all need too…….

  34. And I’ll change the future too by supporting any other currency BUT this. Canada, take your mintchip straight to hell!

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