Proof that Vitamin B17 Cures Cancer


Sandi Rog is a mother of four, an award winning author and a good Christian woman and unfortunately was diagnosed with T-cell Lymphoma Non-Hodgkin cancer on November 1st 2010.



Her cancer was in stage 4, which is the worst stage of cancer as seen in chart below.

Sandi had Multiple sclerosis (MS) , and was taking medication for it as prescribed by her doctor prior to her cancer diagnoses. Her doctor told her the pharmaceuticals she was taking for her MS is what most likely caused the cancer and that ‘he saw these types of things all the time’.

On Nov 2, 2010 her doctor recommended that she get intravenous chemotherapy as fast as possible because her ‘cancer was very aggressive’. They rushed her so quick into this therapy that she did not even have a chance to look into alternative treatments or talk to her husband who later got upset at the fact she did it when he found out. She said, “I just went with what my oncologist said; he had thirty years experience, he said this is the best thing [option].” The chemotherapy was very intense. She had to stay in the hospital for 5 days.

On a later date she was exposed to full body radiation. Sandi said to me in the interview, “my doctor would brag about how I am getting enough radiation to kill a healthy person.” In my opinion that is not something that should be said to a cancer patient, to me it felt like he was putting her down in a way with word trickery, but that’s just ‘my opinion’.

Later the doctors wanted to do a stem cell transplant. Her doctor assured her that they ‘had a fighting chance’. “They pretty much had to kill me that introduce these new stem cells.”, she said. She doesn’t even have her own stem cells in her anymore. She got them from a donor so her whole entire immune system is a brand new one. The cancer supposedly went away.

Sandi did the transplant and the one thing the doctors were afraid of is her getting Graft-versus-host disease. That is when the new stem cells from transplant can attack the host, which is basically the immune system attacking itself. Three most prominent areas it would attack is the G.I tract, liver or skin. After the transplant something started going wrong with her liver so the doctors wanted to put her on more pharmaceuticals. She took more drugs so that she wouldn’t get graft versus host disease.

After the transplant and the accumulation of more pharmaceutical drugs made the cancer eventually come back as more tumours. She told me the doctors were pretty much shoving pills down her throat before the cancer came back.

Her loving husband was into researching alternative treatments and started juicing organic fruits and vegetables which is recommended by Gerson Institute. She did this but it did not work.


Sandi and her husband stumbled upon Edward G Griffin’s book “A World Without Cancer, Vitamin B17.” This is were she learned a lot about cancer and B17.

Sandi was fortunate to get her hands on some vitamin b17 supplements from a naturopathic doctor. She told me she was taking 1000 mg a day. After 8 weeks her cancer was totally gone.

I shared an experience with her about a time Terry, Anthony and I went to Juravinski Cancer hospital to spread truth on alternative treatments but a lot of people rejected us. I informed her that she would be the perfect candidate since she is a living survivor of cancer and cured herself with one of the treatments we were preaching. To my surprise she told me that she already did it.

For video of Canadian Awareness Crew at Juravinski hospial, please click HERE.

Sandi has gone to cancer hospitals sharing her story with cancer patients and told them to take B17. The hospital informed her that she is not allowed at the hospital otherwise security policies would be enforced upon her. This is a perfect example of suppression of alternative treatments.

She explains that pharmaceutical drugs attack the immune system. She said to me in the interview, “they all attack the immune system and any time you suppress the immune system your keeping it from being able to take care of your body.” What I construed from that point in the conversation is that she was trying to express that the human body can fight off any disease or illness if it is in the most proper healthiest state.

Edward G Griffin says that cancer is a product of the new world order because of population reduction.
Please click HERE for a video of Edward.


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