Carbon Dioxide( Co2) Is Heavier Than Air

By: Stan Tucker

It is a fact that carbon dioxide( Co2) is heavier than air. So how can it rise up in the Earth’s atmosphere ? It is a simple question based on a known fact .Yet today many people believe that co2 is some how stuck up there and won’t come down . Whats up with that ?

Some of you might recall 20 years ago or more when gas stations started to charge 25 cents to use their air pump to fill your tires , at the time I thought, what is this world coming to charging for air . The government has taken that idea to a whole new level . Taxing the air that you breath . Cap and trade laws have already been introduced in Ontario by Bill 185, Environmental Protection Amendment Act (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading), 2009

*In June 2008, the governments of Ontario and Quebec agreed to collaborate on a greenhouse gas cap and trade initiative.
*In July 2008, Ontario joined the Western Climate Initiative, which also includes Arizona, British Columbia, California, Manitoba, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Quebec, Utah and Washington, in working on a regional cap and trade system .

*. Carbon Dioxide was added to Environment Canada Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999 in November 2005 in order to enable the Government the use of a variety of preventive or control actions . This substance is not classified as toxic but remains managed under Schedule 1 of CEPA 1999.
* Carbon dioxide, also called carbonic acid gas, is a naturally occurring colorless, odorless, incombustible gas formed during respiration, combustion, decomposition of organic substances, and the reaction of acids with carbonates.
* Carbon Dioxide is used in carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers, as dry ice for refrigeration.
* Carbon dioxide is heavier than air.
* It is present in the Earth’s atmosphere at low concentrations and acts as a greenhouse gas.
* Carbon dioxide is constantly being removed from the air by its direct absorption into water and by plants through photosynthesis. In turn, it is naturally released into the air by plant and animal respiration, decay of plant and soil organic matter, out gassing from water surfaces.
* Small amounts of carbon dioxide are also injected directly into the atmosphere by volcanic emissions and through slow geological processes such as the weathering of rock. That information came from the link Environment Canada you can read it for yourself.

The governments Global Warming Potential Factor rates Carbon Dioxide a factor of 1, not the number one cause but at the bottom of the list of 31 threats , Sulfur hexafluoride rates 23,900 making this 22.899 times more of a threat than carbon dioxide . I worked for 15 years in industrial painting industry. I worked with many chemicals over the years and I have to admit I would have to look some of these up to tell you what they are used for. The case that carbon dioxide is a Global Warming factor looks a little weak to me. I found the chart at the very bottom of the Environmental Protection Act.

So there you have it , in Environment Canada’s own words (Carbon dioxide is heavier than air ) and in the very next statement they said (It is present in the Earth’s atmosphere at low concentrations and acts as a greenhouse gas). How does that contradiction effect your blood pressure? Mine has been a little high since I read that . Do people really understand what Carbon Dioxide CO2 is ? Are some of you getting it mixed up with carbon monoxide CO ?

All this was based on The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)that was set up by the World Meteorological Organization and by the United Nations Environment Programme has concluded that warming of the climate system is unequivocal and that most of the observed increase in global average temperatures is due to human activities
So this all comes from United Nations . How mad with power does a group of people become that they now want to control , co2 a naturally occurring colorless ,odorless, incombustible gas formed during respiration , decomposition of organic substances ,volcanic emissions , decay of plant and soil organic matter ? . A gas that was intelligently designed to be heavier than air for a purpose . How crazy is that?

We used to have a system in this world that prevented stuff like this from happining .They were called countries , each one had elected officials . Personally I think today the public should demand flight restrictions on politians and lawmakers who can’t read and the public should be free to come and go as they please . The cost of the G8 and G20 meetings alone would save the tax payer billions. I bet you, the protesters would agree with me on that. Did David Suzuki ever tell you on the boob tube that, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, someone please give the man some more fruit flies to study.

I wrote something here in Independent on Jan 20 2012 ”Canada debt free it possible” you can view it here it is printed just as it was in you local paper . I did so before all this talk of austerity measures ,yet no one seemed to notice . The point is when a country owns money to another group , that group has power over that country . Google( Rothscild central banks)or (private federal reserve bank) its an eye opener. N M Rothschild & Sons has been at the center of the world’s financial markets for more 200 years. Today, the firm is a global investment bank
RothschildAustralia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market, an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$150 billion by 2012. It is a very interesting read and seems to be all about money.

You might recall “climate gate” Professor Jones stepped down as director of the University of East Angelia’s Climatic Research Unit after the leaking of emails that skeptics claim show scientists were manipulating data. The raw data, collected from hundreds of weather stations around the world and analyzed by his unit, has been used for years to bolster efforts by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to press governments to cut carbon dioxide emissions. I am sure all these people got paid well for what they did.
So how does this affect you , its a transfer of wealth , your money as the tax payer goes into the pockets of the corporations, through cap and trade carbon credits a recent example locally is the St Marys Cement plant “being an pioneer in this province” for cutting down on the emission of carbon dioxide by the cement industry while also indicating there were no statistically significant changes in stack emissions or ambient air quality.

The only way to explain this is that plastics because they are going to a land fill , they are considered carbon neutral , on paper that is, on some banker accounting office to be bought and sold , however real emissions are still going out the stack for you to breathe. They also told the public that those financial supports don’t exist in Ontario for this type of investment , that part might be true ,if your read through the links you will see the Ontario Government has not set a rate per tonne yet they are waiting for the Americans . So the government’s plan is to have the tax payer pay for the blue boxes , time and energy collecting it , pay for the pick up , pay for Orgword to sort it , Orgword pays the Cement Plant to burn it or the other way around , taxpayers pay for the cap and trade , and the cement plant banks the credits and all the corporations involved with carbon dioxide reduction schemes are banking credits funded by the taxpayers . A 150 billion transfer of wealth by the year 2012 is more accurate way to word Rothschilds carbon credit scheme .

I am just 1 person in 7 billion , and if rest of the people on this earth still think that Carbon dioxide is in the Earth’s atmosphere and causing global warming, you go right ahead, but its going to cost you.

3 Comments on Carbon Dioxide( Co2) Is Heavier Than Air

  1. taxed for breathing // December 15, 2012 at 7:11 pm //

    The truth is coming out, but mainstream is still too high. Just yesterday a politician was made fun of again because he said there were warmer climates in medieval time and it equaled to prosperity.

  2. The agenda will move forward because no amount of fact/evidence will be permitted to change that. There is no polite way to stop the agenda.

  3. Joan Swiderski // December 11, 2012 at 8:01 pm //

    What a fancinating truth.. I never thought about CO2 not going into the atmosphere but staying close to the ground for photosynthesis to occur. Congratualtions on making this hidden fact known!

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