Bill C 45- Fed Govt: More Control Over Reserves: Violations of Rights

Bill c 45 is a bill that violates First Nations’ treaty rights as well as human rights.
C-45 would bring significant changes to the Indian Act, including changes to land management on reserves which will make it easier for the federal government to control reserve land and reducing the protection of millions of lakes and rivers. In all it’s another bill to control land and control water perpatuating Agenda 21.
This bill is one of the omnibus bills forced through the House of Commons this year.

All of this legislation has been passed through without proper consultation and debate with first nations people.



“They basically tie in with land and resource use as well as the Indian Act. And the government is pushing these through. They are effectively ramming it through parliament very quickly, without proper debate and discussion and without hearing the voice of the First Nations.”
~ Don MacKenzie- director of Intergovernmental Affairs with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I.





“the first nations of northwestern Ontario are concerned that their rights have been trampled by Bill C-45, the government’s omnibus budget bill. Concerns include leasing of reserve land, on-reserve voting rights and scrapping the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which reduced protection of millions of our lakes and rivers to less than 200. No longer protected are northwestern Ontario rivers like the Kaministiquia, or the Nipigon River, home of the largest speckled trout in the world. “
“neither has the Prime Minister consulted with scientists, academics, small businesses, Canadian workers, NGOs, provincial premiers, or Parliament, including his own backbenchers”
~ Bruce Hyer- MP for Thunder Bay


Because of this thousands of First Nations people’s have been protesting and rallying across the nation voicing their opinions and trying to raise awarness. A good alternative media-gross roots organization known as “Idle No More” has a good way to get involved and to get informed on these types of issues.

As time passes by more and mroe things that come up suggest that Idle No More is a socially engineered movement by the elites working as a psyoperation, much like The “Occupy Movement”.
For more info on that please CLICK HERE.


This is an attempt for the federal government take over all of the sovereign land of Canada and to be able to do as they please with rivers and lakes. At the same time they are engineering a ‘movement’ for everyone to take part in (Idle No More) so that the government can control their opposition (Canadian dissidents to Harper government). This effects as a whole. All Canadians have to wake up and realize that there is a corporate take over of this country, converting it to a one world government, big brother survellience/spying, cashless society ran by the United Nations.
The royal elites like to divide and conquer their populations they chose to oppress.


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  1. terry O'Leary // December 29, 2012 at 3:28 am //

    what a stupid bill what the hell are they thinking if this bill passes where will it end the americans have a cival war reinactment we should have a treaty reinactment really though we should do this research all the people who were present during the treaty signing so we never forget

  2. This aint the first attack on treaty rights and it wont be the last. The only difference this time around is the awareness from the idle no more rallies. We now have support from other countries, this is now a worldwide issue. As a first nation, I totally agree, yea we should all be equal. Im not prejudice in any way and im not blaming”the white man ” for any of this. Im blaming poor leadership in this country. There was a proper way to go about achieving equity, and its not this prime ministers way.VOTE HARPER OUT!!

  3. Claudine (TaxGuyz) // December 28, 2012 at 6:50 pm //

    We do not have to be native to see that the Harper Government is over-stepping their authority with this bill! It is NOT RIGHT to make these changes. The people of CANADA should be furious with the changes this bill will bring down on us. Why are everyone bashing the Natives? They are NOT the ones bringing down this havoc on our land! They are trying to PROTECT IT!! Open your eyes – do not allow the government to pass the wool over your eyes with their greed!!

  4. Does anyone really think this land would be as it was when settlers arrived? Maybe we should be thankful things are as good as they are here when looking at the other countries in the world. Need I remind you all that its not only the “white man” who is molesting our children? Some of us white folks aren’t catholic- we don’t believe in what the “church” did to the First Nations people or any other group for that matter. I support the idea of consultation but in a democratic society you vote for a leader – you may not always agree with what they do. Consider your voting rights. You think I like paying for our leaders to fly all over the world on “visits”? Just about as much as I like hearing chiefs get paid as much as our premier’s and that the largest family gets voted in (all getting new trucks) when people are living 4 families to a run down home on the same reserve. Get off it – there isn’t much difference anymore around who serves who anymore.

  5. I’m sick and tired of dealing with this shit. Let the natives have ownership of the reservations, sell it to the white brown or yellow man after that and live with the consequences. No more money should be shoveled into the bottomless pit, of anyone needs a hand its the people of the north not tsuu tsina or other greedy reservations. When the natives tried to sue Alberta for a trillion dollars I realized its all out war between taxpayers and natives, that trillion you want would be paid by my hard working ass and my kids and their kids. Sick of it

  6. I too am quite sick and disgusted by what people say on this web board. Isn’t this supposed to be a place of support and not hate and racism. I studied Aboriginal people for a period and can somewhat understand the disadvantages they have faced throughout history. All I can do at the moment is empathize and show compassion because at this time they need people’s support more than ever. If people do not speak up not only as it has been mentioned already by several people our lakes and rivers will be at risk to pollution but also will we be giving in to a government that will simply take what they want. Who is too say that other rights will not be at risk after this, they could say later that we must pay more taxes to go to National parks or we will not even be able to go anymore. This is corporate Canada raping our lands and not protecting the First Canadians who inhabited Canada from the beginning. So think about what you say and who you are going to hurt before posting, additionally wake up because your rights could be violated next…

  7. I agree with Hector!!
    Let’s stop this Indian-white hate bullshit!!


  9. It is about time they become accountable. The gravy train is over. You are graciously given tax payers money so don’t abuse it. I have seen so many chiefs steal several millions on the 2 reserves I have lived in. Disrespectful and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

  10. I don’t get why natives blame “the white man” for everything. since our people came to this land your standard of living has increased DRAMATICALLY. if you all ha e a problem with how we do things then you can provide your own energy, food, housing, vehicles, phones, computers, etc

    I wonder if the person that commented on the New World Order cared about the bilderburg group and the global governance of the UN before this bill. News Flash : this is the TIP of the proverbial “iceberg”. If you all cared as much as you say you do then all of you would put more time and effort addressing the real problem. where are all you natives at the G20 protests? getting drunk. like most of you probably did over Christmas.

    Hard to give any creedance to a group of people that only care about parts of a problem rather than the entire issue


  12. Hey I just need some clarification on whats changing here.

    How were these river systems protected prior to bill C-45?
    Did the first nations have groups of biologists analyzing these systems? If not I would just like to know what method of protection is at risk here.


  13. good for harper govt,its long over due

  14. Bill C45 is to make the chiefs and their council accountable for the money our govt. GIVES them (taxpayer’s money by the way). I agree totally.I have seen first hand in the offices of first nations that also have white people working in them They are both corrupt and steal money half the time they are in cohoots and its at the top end, there are good chiefs they care for thier people and there are very corrupt also there are chiefs that dont live on reserve and chiefs that do why dont they all??? why so much corruption with the money given to them money slipped under the table in thousands just like the corrupt white politicians, there both bad and yes houses getting built and destroyed schools the same and just build another than what has to happen id accountability so much stealing going on in the councils its the ones that vote that get screwed both white and first nation to blame for the corruption that goes on in the offices of first nations, accountability is needed!!!

  15. I just love all these idiots picking a side, saying that theres isn’t even one good thing to the opposition side. it’s because idiots like you who complain and bitch yelling “White Power” or “Brown Power”.
    You all say you want equallity, but all I see from all of you is racism, sexism, prejudices, and so much more crying. Its because of people like you that tear a anything apart. quit being a selfish, self-riteous, self-centered, arrorgant asshole and just accept eachother for what you are.

  16. I too, am sick of all this whining from the natives. Our Canadian government tried to do right by you people by giving you’s money for the residential school abuses, you people get acess to free health care, free education, free housing, free this and free that, and yet all you people did was milk the system and play on our guilt. Well to this I say NO MORE. You natives have brought your problems onto yourselfs, I for one and not forcing drugs and alcohol down your throats or forcing you to living in squalor. Time for some change, and I say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Quit taking advantage of others.

  17. I am not quite informed about bill C-45, this is what scares me that if we as Canadians are not properly informed on about what effects the control of our resources , we lose control of our country. This so reminds me of one of the last bills that were slid thru government……. G.S.T. need I say more. Lets wake up and smell the coffee.

  18. Wow. What a bunch of messed up people in this world. Nothing that has happened to natives is anyone’s fault but there own. Especially this day in age. I am white and grew up next to a reserve. We went to school with natives. I have some friends that are native and the ones that have ambition have more than equal opertunity to succeed without paying taxes. We went tothe same school until I was in grade 12. They got there own all native hockey rink and school. Over12 million in tax payers money was spent. They then posted up posters in stores advertising all native hockey tournaments. Etc. could you imagine if the tables were turned. We had all white hockey and got a new white man school. We would never hear the end of it.

  19. Thick Dick Kevin // December 25, 2012 at 3:24 am //

    Hypocrites, hypocrites everywhere

  20. I would just like to say I don’t support bill c-45 AT ALL this bill effects everyone this is a chance for all colors to unite. Join together to make a difference .. their is a woman starving herself because she hurts so bad for her people. No more can we sit back and let the government over step their boundaries especially when it effects US all as a people. Leadership is within US . Stand up for what’s right get informed… ignorance is NOT bliss..

  21. Kathleen Hutton // December 25, 2012 at 12:53 am //

    I fully disagree with Bill C-45. Our sick dictator Government wants to STILL control Aboriginals. We need to vote Harper out.

  22. American Native // December 24, 2012 at 11:07 pm //

    I hear people talk about the treaties with the Indians are old, antiquated documents. We should get rid of the treaties!

    Well, let’s just get rid of the Canadian Constitution as well. It’s older, and some would say equally as antiquated…

  23. American Native // December 24, 2012 at 10:51 pm //

    Why should any nation sign a treaty with Canada? Canada can not honor treaties with it’s own people?

  24. Ahhhh shut the hell up all ya bunch of idiots, whites, indians, blacks, yellows….go kick Harper in the nuts!

  25. bill o'drunk // December 24, 2012 at 10:03 pm //

    About time.

  26. welcome to the 21st century -

  27. Native land was not stolen, it was taken. Natives could not stop the whites, simple.
    Why feel bad? This has happened since the start of time.
    Start taking care of your children today, stop looking back at the past. Move on.
    Scrap the Indian Act and starve the army of lawyers employed by both sides.

  28. I am a white man adopted into a First Nations claim amongst the tlingit people I am a frog man in all but blood I no the songs the culture the language better then most people older and younger then me and I am white. I grew up In a small community of predominately First Nation members and I am proud of that fact but I am proud of being white as well because the only difference is the colour of the skin yes there is a stero type for Indians but you no what you guys feed it I no Indians who are ashamed of it all any one wants is equality for all no hand outs to anyone at all I no pieces of shit who are black white Indian and Asian I give a fuck what you look like or ur race if ur a piece of shit your a piece of shit

  29. Yellow Guitar // December 24, 2012 at 8:38 pm //

    Special status for First Nations = institutionalized discrimination.

    The Indian Act is an ineffective anachronism that should be tossed onto the trash-heap of history. Quit living in a mythologized past … The Stone Age is over. The Industrial Age has a death rattle. The world is what it is, get in the swim or go under. It’s the choice every individual must make, regardless of which culture you claim to be rooted (mired) in…

    Enjoy the holidays folks.

  30. Ambrose Yeltatzie Haida Nation // December 24, 2012 at 6:59 pm //

    All harper has been doing is destroying our beautifull country first he wants to spend billions on military equapment that our country doesnt need, and now he wants to run a pipeline up to kitimat wich will destroy haida gwaii and northern bc ocean wich is their way of life and now he is forcing these new bills and laws without proper debate or legistlation Fuck HARPER we dont need this racist bastrurd running our country

  31. “Live in the world, not of the world”

    Finding a balance is tough. You will not be able to please everyone, and you can look at all the info in the world telling you the c-45 is a good one. Canada is not about, making the right move; We are about showing the world we make correct decisions.

    We don’t always make the correct one…but I like to think we try too. Bill c-45 is not the right move. What should have happened is the our Prime talk with the natives; but again, he did not.
    The current gov’t tends not to do this, and yet Canada voted them in.

    What Canada needs to do is take a hard look at this next election.

  32. I am a Status Indian, who is deeply outraged all the disrespect shown by my fellow Canadians. Does anyone realize that what was done to our people in residential schools is as horrific as the holocaust to the Jewish population in Germany? Years ago treaties were put in place, treaties that we were FORCED to sign or face complete obliteration. You came to our shores, you forced us onto reserves, took our children stuffed them in residential schools where we as a people were abused, molested and beaten. We cannot own land, we ‘borrow’ it from the gov’t because our ancestors were not legally allowed to own land, and now you want to take that from us because you see the land rights as valuable? You want to take our rights away, because it’s no longer convient for you to maintain these guidelines that you have set in place? Do you know what it means to live on reserve? To me, it means to live in poverty, it means that my children do not get a proper education, your free housing comes at a very high cost. I was one of the “Stolen” children, taken from the reserve and put with a nice white family to live, I lost my culture, my language and my heritage and so have my children. And you dare tell me that I should give up what little rights I have? How dare you! I have never been more disgusted with the human race as I am and I believe that our leaders should take this issue straight to the UN as a violition of our human rights! And obviously none of the rest of Canada enjoys our lakes and rivers, because this act removes the protection currently in place. So that industry can pollute our water and destroy the wildlife sustained within them. Read your facts before you judge because if they can do this to us, they can do this to you!

  33. I find it fascinating that a group of people from a country that is in fact considered to be a well educated group- could be so naive. As a Caucasian female that grew up next to a reserve, I’ve seen first hand the difficulties that many reserves face- and I think many of you are quite arrogant to believe that an apology that happened what 5 years ago will suffice in the abuse that our anscestors caused. Do a bit of research before shooting out racist shit about equality. We are still fighting for equality being a female in a male run world– and that process started long before we attempted to make a Mende with aboriginal people.

  34. I can tell you that i am an indian. I can tell you that indians and whiteman are no different…both have ignorant racists. i can tell you that indians have greedy swaggering politcians…i can tell you that the whiteman have greedy swaggering politicians. I can tell you alot of things about the history of the indian and the white man. i can tell you this…i dont want to be indian…i dont want to be a whiteman…i want to be a respectful human being.

  35. Interesting to see gutless little small-minded white victims vent about being 2nd to big mean Indians (Mike B, “Just Ice”, “Startled”, etc,…. take your whiny little potty mouths along with your empty brains and wallets back to where you came from. You are glorified “Boat People” who are here to enjoy free policing, low comfy house rent prices, big Macs, cheap pizza and bad spotrts …. oh yeah, take “smackdown” and bowling with you and turn off your cheap electricity as you head back to that little stinky skiff along with that cheap stinky puss you fell out of :)

    Besides Indians have bigger dicks :)

  36. hmmm maybe blame the Queen harper is just doing what that old bitch says. so hes doing his job

  37. Great comments from the closed minded, ignorant white trash out there. You get internet service from your trailer park? Go to a Calgary Ghetto and buzz the basement apartment. You’re white trash sister lives there with your 3 daughters/neices. You inbred pieces of shit need to read a book and educate yourselves on the situation. Before you run your mouths, maybe you should know what this bill is or any details at all. The simple minded will jump on any situation that lets them spew their ignorance. Your comments should embarrass yourselve and your fellow racists. I will listen to a rascists comments, as long as they are educated on the situation and well thought out. The comments on this page are hilarious, and do nothing but show pure stupidity. We should be so thankfull for the white mans help? The world will end within ten years, because of the parasite white man and all his “advancements”. Keep polluting the world and destroying everything in your path. Don’t worry, when you feel bad about your sins you can always go pray to the same white preacher that molested you as a child.

  38. Wtf is wrong with u people… We do not get payouts, we don’t get everything free.. We pay taxes like everyone else get ur info right before ur quick to judge.. Yes we have social problems, that is what we are trying to fix right now in the First Nation communities, it’s called residential school era sorry but how would u like to be ripped away from ur parents at the age of five and sent to a school where u can not talk ur language mistreated I think u would be pretty messed up. What has Canada come to please stop with the racist remarks..

  39. I think this page has achieved its objective, that is, moving people to speak out, to share whats in their minds and hearts! We don’t always like to read or hear others opinions, but that’s all it is, “opinions.” What is interesting in this whole process is the number of people who have come out and supported “Idol No More” movement, First Nations and Canadians alike. “Knowledge is not power, it is only potential power. The important task is to put knowledge to effective and constructive use in your life-that is, to apply the lessons gain from knowledge and experience to your own life and work to make them more effective” (Neuschel, 2005). Neuschel (2005) makes a very good point, knowledge is not power, it is only potential power! So, how many people actually read Division 8 of Part 4 of Bill C-45? I have and I believe this Omnibus Bill should have been brought before the People prior to pushing it through. By the way, I am a “Treaty” First Nations and will do everything in my power to share this knowledge. This bill is between three parties; The Crown, the Federal Government and First Nations and the agreement to involve all parties in major decision making processes. The Federal Government did not keep their end of the bargain, maybe not purposely, but it was very important to make sure “majority” of First Nations agreed with this omnibus bill prior to moving it forward. If this was the case, we would not have such a strong reaction by the people throughout Canada and by our supporters in USA and other countries. What are you willing to DO?

  40. I may not agree a lot with Harper, but this is one idea that could potentially help with not only the environment but also the economy. The natives truly believe that they were on these lands first…hate to break it to you, wasn’t it scientifically proven that man walked across the ice straits between what is now Alska and Russia, then settled here? So technically they’re just as foreign as ‘the white man’? We are all equal on these lands, so why not start by paying for your own lives like ‘the white man’, or the black man, or Africans, or Europeans, or any other human beings that call this land home. Stop pretending that life rotates around asses. The reason why so many hard working Canadians disapprove of the native protests is because none of them like to see there hard earned taxes going to someone who doesn’t want to work in the first place. This world is home to everyone, it’s time for equal rights and responsibilities.

  41. Judith Boskovic // December 24, 2012 at 5:26 am //

    I am so embarrassed to read many of these comments. “I never singed no treaty” and others like him make me ashamed to call Canada my home. I moved here to get away from racism I lived with in Serbia, I was told people lived together in Canada and treated each other with respect. People like you make Canada look bad.

  42. I believe reserves play an important role in the preservation of land in Canada. As an avid outdoorsman, I enjoy the lakes, rivers, and parks Canada has to offer. I cant help but feel disheartened when I here about lakes being turned into tailings ponds or salmon farms polluting areas around the west coast islands, even the threat of a pipeline bursting sounds disgusting. If we keep the reserves it raises awareness because the government actually has to consult with people before they just “go ahead” with a project. Because there is so many things that happen with our country behind closed doors, I am for any opposition as it raises awareness and allows the nation as a whole to make decisions, and helps prevent our beautiful canadian lands from being turned into something that we probably wouldn’t appreciate. If this bill is passed I fear for our land, our people, and our rights (not just First Nations). Canada is something that we all love and we all should enjoy. Go outside, breathe the air and see the sights. Then, imagine it industrialized for the small profit of a government and a huge profit for the 1% of people who don’t care about you or me, but only the digits in their bank accounts. Our Prime Minister, should be consulting with all canadians regarding use of our land, Reserve or not. Its time canadians used the polls to make decisions for our country. Exercise your rights while you still have them, because if this bill passes all our rights are up for grabs. You have my support and I hope you win the fight against bill c45.

  43. White man wouldn’t like it if I came to there house took there children. Sexually physically mentally spiritually abused there children. White man wouldn’t like it if we went to there land and took there pigs or cows! Or chickens and raped there wives!
    Forced to speak another language so and and so forth.. Learn your history bitches!

  44. Fuck all you white bitches! Talking about you own everything.
    Take a look around you we were here first you
    Racist piece of shit! If I ever saw any of. You talking like this
    On the street I’d rob your ass!! Beat you senseless
    You and the rest of these fuck heads think its funny to put so much at risk for so little!! If you didn’t see it is going against human rights as well. Brainless idiots!!

  45. I’m not sure why some people seem to think they need a hero-biscuit because they have a job, bought their own house, etc. That’s what most of us have to do to survive. Yes there was a treaty signed a gzillion years ago, but most contracts have expiry dates or at least a period after which the contract is re-negotiated. It’s high time we all got jobs, paid taxes, paid for medical and dental, and all become contributing members of society. Why do I have to pay the taxes on my cheque etc so others don’t have to. I never signed a contract.

  46. i feel its time. I am not a First Nations but i am Metis and my elders who have NO rights, but when through the same residential schools have been doing fine without the “treaty acts”. I DONT feel i have any rights to it. If any thing yes my elders and all elders might, but not the youth of today. We are given so much, fight for the elder yes maybe but come on really? for the kids who have sooooooo much, no. We ALL need to pay taxes into the programs that help us all. WE ALL use them! its hard for me because i have family fighting for this in the “idel No more” protests, but i feel we could find another way a better way to make this work for us all. stop the pointing fingers, and name calling. No one can change what happened to our ancestors, but haven’t we grown? im NOT saying take all rights away, and Yes the Native communities should have been talked to, but things cant stay the same….we are growing as a country and as people, we are not just Natives and “whites” we are multicultural and we need to grow into it. find a new path. stop looking into the past we can not change and stand together to make a better tomorrow. it just how i feel, and it is not a start of a debate. its a statement of a person who knows the history of her ancestors, but see’s the world as it is…today.

  47. Boy, there are a lot of people with BIG issues. Be nice and respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Don’t just look at one group of First Nations. There area lot out there who have done some good. My dad was a logger all his life, passed away 3 years ago, my mom is still paying his taxes. You have to be specific about who you’re talking about. We all don’t drink Lysol, sniff glue or drink. Sure we get government funding, but don’t all Canadians. Your Health is covered, depending on what province you reside in. We are well looked after, it’s. just in the way it’s done.

  48. white people dont understand a deal was made ofcourse lot of white people got killed they entered private land they invaded actually the deal was they can come in share our land which we were living in harmony with. So mike .d if you dont understand there you go harper is violating the treaty that was signed by both whiteman and native people fuck the white man for destroying our beautiful land Canada is actually a cree word meaning clean land spelled Kanatan harper breaks the treaty all whitemen should pack their shit n get the fuck out of our land then maybe it could heal itself the whiteman introduced drugs an alchol to this land if not for them everything would be better here no matter what you white ppl think

  49. I am tired of hearing the natives saying ‘WE” took there land, “WE” dont care about them, “we” let them down. WHY is it that I personally have never took any land from anyone, I have worked hard all my life, only to give my money toward supporting other people, I have to buy a fishing / hunting licence, when others do not, I have to worry about road blocks,paying for an education for someone elces child, when I can not afford and education for my own child. In my opinion the natives have cried for rights long enough. I am sick of it. You want treaty rights? go back to living the life your ansesters did before the white and other men got here. Give up your cars, trucks, homes, power, running water, store bought food and clothes, guns, and go back to traditional ways. But there is no buffalo you say? Im shure the government would be happy to pay bison producers to rase and release the animals for you to hunt with your bows and arrows, and grant you “your land” to live on. I would bet that maby only 10% of the natives today would be happy and able,to go back to there old ways. Think im wrong?

  50. Be nice. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Kindness is less stressful than anger. : )

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