Bill C 45- Fed Govt: More Control Over Reserves: Violations of Rights

Bill c 45 is a bill that violates First Nations’ treaty rights as well as human rights.
C-45 would bring significant changes to the Indian Act, including changes to land management on reserves which will make it easier for the federal government to control reserve land and reducing the protection of millions of lakes and rivers. In all it’s another bill to control land and control water perpatuating Agenda 21.
This bill is one of the omnibus bills forced through the House of Commons this year.

All of this legislation has been passed through without proper consultation and debate with first nations people.



“They basically tie in with land and resource use as well as the Indian Act. And the government is pushing these through. They are effectively ramming it through parliament very quickly, without proper debate and discussion and without hearing the voice of the First Nations.”
~ Don MacKenzie- director of Intergovernmental Affairs with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I.





“the first nations of northwestern Ontario are concerned that their rights have been trampled by Bill C-45, the government’s omnibus budget bill. Concerns include leasing of reserve land, on-reserve voting rights and scrapping the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which reduced protection of millions of our lakes and rivers to less than 200. No longer protected are northwestern Ontario rivers like the Kaministiquia, or the Nipigon River, home of the largest speckled trout in the world. “
“neither has the Prime Minister consulted with scientists, academics, small businesses, Canadian workers, NGOs, provincial premiers, or Parliament, including his own backbenchers”
~ Bruce Hyer- MP for Thunder Bay


Because of this thousands of First Nations people’s have been protesting and rallying across the nation voicing their opinions and trying to raise awarness. A good alternative media-gross roots organization known as “Idle No More” has a good way to get involved and to get informed on these types of issues.

As time passes by more and mroe things that come up suggest that Idle No More is a socially engineered movement by the elites working as a psyoperation, much like The “Occupy Movement”.
For more info on that please CLICK HERE.


This is an attempt for the federal government take over all of the sovereign land of Canada and to be able to do as they please with rivers and lakes. At the same time they are engineering a ‘movement’ for everyone to take part in (Idle No More) so that the government can control their opposition (Canadian dissidents to Harper government). This effects as a whole. All Canadians have to wake up and realize that there is a corporate take over of this country, converting it to a one world government, big brother survellience/spying, cashless society ran by the United Nations.
The royal elites like to divide and conquer their populations they chose to oppress.


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  1. Angela Ross // December 23, 2012 at 5:20 pm //

    The ignorance shown within these comments are shameful. It is obvious that the majority of these people speak with no knowledge of our history and foremost BILLC45!!!! The facts of the bill affect ALL Canadians, indigenous peoples are trying to shed light on this bill, and all the deception behind it, if you have the time to write grossly ignorant comments on this page, then surely you have time to read up on the bill itself and how deceptively it was passed through the house. This is not an “Indian problem” and this is not a time to allow racism and bitterness to cloud the vision of what Stephen Harper is doing to this country!!!!!!

  2. I will put you poor people in my thoughts and prayers. People who do not have knowledge of our first nations history really should take some time to learn about it. The racist comments are probably by poeple who are oppressed themselves. There is enough resources in Canada to sustain our people. However, we fly in philipino people to work the land. They are paid more then our elders and also work tax free.
    With that said, Native People need to vote next election. There is enough of us to make a difference.

  3. Its fantastic to hear all opinions on here. I am human and would to see all rights upheld in Canada. Read the bill And than make your point, and if someone disagrees with it,than explain why. Don’t show how dumb you can be by playing the race card…native and non native.yes schools on reserves receive less funding than urban areas,so do rural schools,. Bill c45 is compiled of too many changes in one, which may affect Canada as a whole.

  4. American Native // December 23, 2012 at 12:10 pm //

    C-45 is not a White vs First Nations debate.

    The bill brings broad, and sweeping change to; the Canada Shipping Act, the Fisheries Act, the Customs Act, the Navigable Waters Act, the Canada Labour Act, In addition to the Indian Act.

    Also, C-45 gets rid of the “Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission”. This organization is charged with keeping Canadians safe from companies who would like to increase profits at the cost of your health.

    I encourage all to research C-45, and see for your self…

  5. American Native // December 23, 2012 at 10:26 am //

    Yeah, I really feel bad about all that oppression white people have had to endure…

    Said no one…

  6. Gangs this gangs that. U get robbed man up. Its not just native people doin it quit with the prejudices. Harper did this without the consultant of first nations people. He violated the whole canadian legislation, look it up. Aint no one complaining about who was here first in the past we talkin about today buddy and our pride hes pissin on . He should have took the “conservative” route and sat down with natives to discuss a middle ground. Hes no better than the dictators in syria and egypt. He did what he did behind our backs like a coward.

  7. ……………………IDLE NO MORE……………………

  8. When people wake up and realize that this is NOT a Natives only issue they will realize that this is entirely about HUMAN RIGHTS. And as Canadians we MUST show support for one another.The GOVERNMENT and the MEDIA need to STOP DIVIDING the people as they see to be fit and VERY EFFECTIVE.This is the last Canadas protected waters.This is about Stephen Harper selling Canadian land directly to the CHINESE GOVERNMENT. This is a fight to see who is CANADIAN and who wishes to BE FREE!

  9. It’s about time the government stands in why should native beings be granted special favor, arnt all people equal well we are aside to be but the so called native American take advantage of everything we have to offer. What has the native population offered the whole community, we as a people have offered work, people steal from our work, people get robbed walking down the street.(as someone who was robbed walking down 22 in saskatoon)by at least 70 percent are native in our country of Canada that do indeed act up. But their are far more whites in canada and the states than native also it was the natives who first started killing white man. Known fact as we all know it we should be all equal but not palate the world come on it’s ours we all made a mess and we all are to blame I might have really poor veiws of native amaricans but they never give respect, and always expect it … well guess what I really don’t give a shit who you are or what you do I’d always pick a white person over a native man it’s like dirty blood well that’s all I have to say and a big fuck you too and Dickens new year you Dickens Loos e’er s

  10. It’s really sad to hear natives here in Canada complain and complain,we were here first! Really, that’s your argument?Consider this ,would you be singing the same tune if let’s say the Spanish would have came and did the same thing they did to theMayans,Aztecs,Incas ,etc. Or even the Germans to Jewish people and what about the Blacks?I don’t hear them complaining,they got their act together and yeah they’re the richest people in the world.And please don’t say yeah we want to protect our families and lands I ve seen how far your protection runs with the destruction and violence towards your land, native brothers and your own families.

  11. Hello as a metis I see both kinds of discrimination I am proud of my heritage except we all pay taxes or we all don’t. Tired of being classified as a lazy Indian.I work all my life .we seem to be stuck in the middle .I agree there should more government intervention for native elections as well as how they prioritve band spending and no more land claims. Soon the philapenos will catch on there is prolly more of them in Canada then aboriginal people.

  12. I think we should pass the bill, yes you were here first. But that’s the passed. Now is what we have to focus on. We need to work together as Canadians. No more freebies. You say everyone is equal. Well start treating everyone else the same way. Were I live all I here is the “white man” took everything, well all I see here is gangs, greed and blowing tax payers money. Stop being greedy and live like everyone else.

  13. WW(women warrior) // December 23, 2012 at 5:31 am //

    Nothing they gave is was free,,,, not our land,,, education,,,, resources…. it was paid for by the abuses they have been doing to us since in small pox blankets… when columbus landed here…. saying he descovered our lands… and the people… our abuses pay far more than you can imagine… If the abuses were done to you I believe that you would not survive. we are standing tall together today for our children of tomorrow becasue we know what you are capable of doing. so until you can walk in our shoes. find out the truth… don’t be sooooo racist and one track minded….

  14. Wow…..the vast majority of comments on here are very surprising. If Indians (Native North Americans) want to be treated fairly, then they should give up their rights and get what everyone else gets? All because times have changed? That is truly a stupid remark. A contract doesn’t change because the “Times” have changed. Give your heads a shake people. If you are given something, and then it gets taken away, you are gonna be mad and fight for it.
    Sounds to me, like more people are “bitter” about not having the same ‘rights’ given to the people of the First Nations. If that’s what you want, here is a small crappy chunk of land to live on, 200 miles to walk to get there with your small pox infested blanket……and in 100 years, we will make it up to you……for awhile….then tell you forget it, we are not sorry.

  15. Fuk u racist bitches. Yall r idiots like harper. What disrespect hes shown to first nations and our rights. We should have scalped you all when you arrived on our beaches. But no, we opened our arms and accepted you all. And you still turned your backs on us. These treaties our sacred to us, they are our bond together and for harper to break em? Shows his intentions as columbos did that there is no bond. I have faith in humanity that the bill wont pass through its final stages in febuary, but if it does, then bury my heart at wounded knee

  16. i never signed no treaty // December 23, 2012 at 2:17 am //

    hey, look it this, the native people are always fast to be calling working people racist. let see, i worked beside native people who work, and the other ones that don’t work call them down, and call them names like white indians. quit crying the blues, i’m sick of it, get out and get a job, then you’ll get the respect you deserve. 90% of the people in jails are aboriginals, are you going to blame this on the white man, they leave the reserves, and where ever they go, crime goes up, again, what blame it on the white man, they move into towns and cities, don’t pay no taxes, the white people taxes go up. i’m not prejudice, i’m telling the truth, if it hurts, oh well. time us white people cry prejudice against natives, but were not cry babies, we work we pay taxes, i never signed no fricken treaty, but my cheques have 700-800 off all the time, where is it going, you figure it out, if they leave the reserves, they should pay taxes, and have to work like everyone else, my wife is metis, she works, she pays taxes. soon there will a civil war because us working, taxpayers will finally get fed up, or our government will have guts like our prime minister is doing which ain’t racist, its for the country.

  17. I am white woman, aged 76. My husband & I had no education or trade but we worked hard & put our kids thru school (that we paid for). We own our home, have no bills, just worked hard, didn’t spend our paycheques on booze, drugs, or gas to sniff. We’ve never been on welfare, never been in jail, and neither have our children, or their children. We appreciate the country we were born in, right now the best in the world. Simple isn’t it…it’s called work and be a good productive citizen. Bill C45 is to make the chiefs and their council accountable for the money our govt. GIVES them (taxpayer’s money by the way). I agree totally.

  18. Bill C-45 is unconstitutional and affects all Canadians! Harper is giving away Canada’s natural resources (everyones waterways) AND violating Treaty rights. Do you want big business from around the world polluting Canadian waters…well that is what you will get with this Bill. Welcome to the third world and good luck with boiling your water!

    As far as all the racist, uneducated comments here regarding First Nations people, their rights and that the Canadian tax payer is paying for them to live….get educated you ignorant people!!! The Government does not pay for First Nations people just like they do not pay for you….

  19. Kritopher Teague(American) // December 23, 2012 at 1:01 am //

    The Natives in the United States are a Sovereign Nation unto themselves within the Borders of the United States and are recognized by the UN! That Nation has rights under International Law, and has asserted those rights under International Law in their dealings with the US Government by bringing their grievances before the United Nations. The Indigenous Natives Of Canada need to band together to educate themselves and oppose the Canadian govergnment when it comes to infringements on their rights as a Sovereign Nation by the Canadian Government and bring their concerns to the United Nations! All other comments regarding Native issues should be approached from the perspective of their Sovereign Nation status.

  20. LEARN YOUR HISTORY! // December 22, 2012 at 10:28 pm //

    Native Americans have paid for our land in BLOOD, you think of the holocaust, many children, women and men where brutally MURDERED. THE CROWN ( AS IN THE QUEEN) made all these promises to us, to make up for all the people and wild life they so MINDLESSLY wiped out. THEY PUT US ON RESERVES and as much as you would like to think its nice up there, believe me its not! many children and adult suffer from the SILT AND DUST we breathe into our LUNGS everyday, AND MANY OF OUR ELDERS WHERE RAPED, BEATEN, WORKED TO DEATH AND SO ON, Im talking about little children!!! People open your eyes! please dont WRITE HALF ASSED REMARKS YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT! And up until 10 minutes ago i wasn’t too conserned about this issue but seeing all these IGNORANT REMARKS I felt the need to write my piece. this is from my FIRST HAND EXPERIENCES, and also SECOND HAND from hearing from my elders the torture they went through I CANT BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE SO ILL INFORMED THESE ARE THING WE LEARN IN HISTORY CLASS!!!!!!!

  21. IDontCareWhoHatesIt // December 22, 2012 at 10:10 pm //

    True protectors of our land… What a joke .. Pay any one of them enough and that ” protector of the environment goes right out the window. They don’t know conservation of ANYTHING… That’s why I’ve seen countless treaty hunters shoot pregnant Moose.. Kill every single animal for MILES… If you think these guys are the environment’s last great HOPE.. There won’t be an animal left.

  22. Reading all the comments gets me very frustrated because some of the non- natives assume that all First Nations are alcoholics, drug addicts, sniff glue and pay no taxes. I know several people that support themselves, pay taxes & bought their own houses.
    It really gets annoying when people don’t know the history of First Nations and what they have experienced since Colonization. Long time ago First Nations were full pride and respect but it wasn’t until the Government used genocide to literally wipe out the First Nations. They deliberately segregated First nations and infected blankets with small pox and other diseases, people don’t understand why First nations use alcohol or drugs as a suppressant. For one I am the 2nd generation that attended the residential school, my late father never spoke of the horrific stories that happened to him. I can speak from my own experience from attending this Residential school. When I first went to the residential school I was 6 years old , I suppressed most of the memories from my childhood because it was to painful. Over the years I used alcohol and drugs to suppress all my memories, when the drugs wasn’t enough I wanted to commit suicide. It wasn’t until I started my healing journey 9 years ago that the creator felt that I was strong enough to remember all sexual abuse that happened as a child. I realize that sexual and physical abuse happens every where but for the government that new all these things were happening at these government/ church run schools and to turn a blind eye. Then society sees First Nations as alcoholics, drug addicts, lazy and live of the government. In the early 1800s yes our people had respect and pride but also lived of the land, we had our elders to discipline the children but when you literally use cultural genocide take away our identity our children feel lost and don’t know why their parents are abusive, alcoholics , drug addicts and no positive role model. Until you have walked a mile in our shoes you don’t realize what we have gone through. Most First Nations have employment and work for their money, we are getting educated to guide our people to be stronger positive role models. This whole thing is about protecting and preserving the land & mother nature, taking the focus of the real problem… The rich get rich , the poor get poorer

  23. I have to agree with darren kennedy post times have change ACCEPT IT if you want to be equal… as for the post by Anishinaabe Ikwe you have your language just as the french, Chinese, Greek, Jewish and etc. do. We are now a multi-culture Country NOW so get over yourself.. As for native children been taken away well those parents should take the responsibility for that…What did they do wrong to have the kids taken away??? reality is times has change. its time to get the head out of the clouds and wake up to reality and stop waiting for hand outs unless its for the same for all races.

  24. It is really sad and alarming to read the racist comments on this issue. Ignorance breeds racism.

  25. Edward-Seraphim // December 22, 2012 at 8:29 pm //

    Children on reservations receive approximately $2,000 to $3,000 less a year than children at other Canadian schools. Many reservations do not have their own schools so the children need to travel sometimes 2 and 3 hours each way on a bus (a bus the band has to pay for) to school each morning.
    So let me get this strait, when the government gives money to a municipal police force it is a “stimulus payment” but when the government gives money to add a water filtration system or upgrade a road on a reservation it is a “handout” ?
    PLEASE, stop talking about “handouts” and “free education” unless you actually have anything meaningful to say, you are embarrassing yourselves.

  26. Little Bear // December 22, 2012 at 8:11 pm //

    i love how everyone got off topic this is about our water we do not need to jeopardize our water for progress. As for being help with everything i wish i was. Being First Nation has been hard for me i lived off reserve for so long i receive no aid from any side. Because of being with the whites so long i get treated badly from my own people. I just went to University this year and was to recieve eI benefits but it was canceled due to my heritage I can not receive to government programs at the same time because i took a student loan. Maybe we should look at the bigger problem and think that we need to eat and drink. If we worked together we could accomplish much more instead of throwing sticks, and stones at each other.

  27. get over it // December 22, 2012 at 7:51 pm //

    hurry up and strip the first nations of there extra beneifits already. Theres such a majority abusing the system. The treatment of first nations was not right but either is spoon feeding them with all this extra stuff a great man by the name of Dr. King (you may of heard of him) once said i have a dream that all (wo)men are equal. But my friends, whats equal about all the extras the first nations recieve?

  28. I don’t think any one race is better then the next I just think we should all have the same right. Yes I hear it all the time that the white man took your land and what not, we also gave you horses the guns you use to hunt cars trucks jobs houses schools among everything else we have brought. And I guess taking that in to consideration there should not be tax brakes for some people. should be everyone or no o e unless you disabeled and the should be drug testing for those on welfare. It’s time for equle rights.

  29. I have lived and worked with all races of people in my life time, it does not matter what race you are but if you spit in my face or treat me like s..t. I can not have respect for that person, but treat me as a human and then you deserve respect. That goes for all races.
    As for the bill C45 it is 467 page bill, Has every one read it page for page or just listening to the media. Media is nothing but exaggerated so much, maybe before saying racism comments, should maybe read it and not listen to exaggerated stories

  30. I am First Nations. On maternally as well as paternally. I was a drunk. I did some and had some unspeakable things I have done to me. I am guilty of being your stereo typical “Indian”. Both my parents were in residential school. My language I cannot speak but a couple of words here and there. I knew nothing about “my people”, nor did I really care. My parents were there with me but due to residential school issues, they couldn’t be there “for” me.
    I don’t blame anyone anymore for the way I feel about my life. It has been a long struggle back to being a full member of society. My mom died with 19 years of sobriety. I don’t mean she was an unhappy non drinking miserable sober Indian; she was a good member of society. Paid her taxes and worked till she had to retire. She became fully involved in family and culture. She inspired many. She is my hero. My dad is retirement age, he was a drinker for a long time. He is a good Christian man now. He works. He has always paid taxes. My life changed when I followed my mother back to culture. I have a future with “my people”. My children have a future. I have a 25 year old son that has worked steady since he was 19. Held to same job for 5 years. He pays his taxes. He pays his child support. He is a devoted family man. My mother helped raise him. I have a twenty year old that has a talent for music like his grandfather. He has taught himself to play guitar, sing and is now exploring some recording of songs he has written and sings. He starts college in January. I have a fifteen year old. Lives between me and his dad. He works hard and we are devoted to him. I have a little three year old niece that only knows me as mom because her mother passed away. I fought to get her out of “government care”. I paid for everything for her. She is being raised out of any kind of care from government. She will be raised to contribute to society too.

    None of my children have seen me drink. My mother and I sobered up and worked on our “recovery”. A huge part of my recovery and my children’s futures depend on our connection to our culture. When that was stripped from my elders, it created a barrier. We as a people may have seem like we submitted to the “care” of the government. We didn’t…..due to communication barriers, the Government took us into care. Well….government is trying to decide our futures again (taking First Nations into their care, then residential school, then Indian day school. Both to teach us to be good little Indians. Then the 60’s scoop. Then group homes and foster care). All in “our” best interest. Well you know what, they messed up. Now….we are not appearing to submit anymore. We speak out in our own best interest and people are upset. We get blamed for not looking after our children and for “free” education and paying no taxes. I have three wonderful young men I gave birth to. They contribute to society. . I have gone to school (if you had an opportunity for your education paid wouldn’t you take it?) I have had to take a student loan out due to cutbacks (fully repaid now). I have worked or gone to school for the past thirty years. I pay taxes all the time.

    I know main stream society thinks “we” are all the same as what is portrayed. But their are many many First Nations people that are hard working and successful. But mainstream society never pinpoints them or are focused on them. So mainstream society only sees the highlighted bad Indians. Now First Nations are speaking out (passive protesting) and portrayed as “Bad Indians” again.

    Due to “Government care”. I have had my own barriers as well as historical trauma to overcome. I have fought hard to be where I am. I’ll be damned if I give up now. I know I need a connection to my culture and a “home” to return to. I am rich in culture. Now that I am standing up about it. Government wants to manage my life again. Sorry, with all politeness aside, you kinda fucked up. So excuse me for not trusting. Bill C 45. I don’t think so.

  31. American Native // December 22, 2012 at 6:38 pm //

    Nothing can be solved through arguing. But let me give this a try.

    You poor “White People”!

    Last i checked they are not forcing you to speak Cree in your taxpayer paid for schools…

    Unkept lawns, unkept building and the such are not the cause of economic problems in Canada or the US. The problem of less jobs comes from the top not the bottom.

    Natives are easy targets. People beating up natives on this post are misled by what they are fed by the media. They are no more than bullies, who are focusing on the wrong cause for the economy being so fucked up…

  32. equality begins in all aspects of life not just what is convient.Native people have to play on a level playing field not just whats good for them and them alone

  33. darren kennedy // December 22, 2012 at 4:08 pm //

    To start i dont think any one race is above the other ,,however things have changed times have changed ,,,natives want their rights from the 1700’s fine give them to them ;but take away all the gov assistance ,,,give them their t-ps ,,birch bark canoes , and bow and arrows and a horse for transportation ,,,nooo they want their cake an eat it everyone living in canada shuold be subject to the same rules an regulations ,,including all these illegall implants over here in our country taking away jobs from canadians living like colony of ants in one house ,,,think it is far past time to fix this fucked up countrys goverment ,starting making eveyone equal ,,

  34. Anishinaabe Ikwe // December 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm //

    Hey “Equal” and “Whitey”

    Here’s a suggestion, get educated and learn your history! Canada has tried to keep us “Indians” as its dirty little secret for far too long. When you have experienced the abuse, encroachement, and genocide which our People have been through (and fyi NOT that long ago) then go ahead and make your ignorant hillbilly remarks. It’s like telling Jews to get over it. Canada continues its version of holocaust over Aboriginal people, despite insincere apologies and “free education”. It’s ignorance within people as yourselves which fuels this oppressive fire. Nothing has ever been handed to us, and all this “rebellious bullshit” as you put it is our attempt salvage what is left of our Aboriginal identity. You can sit back in your white world and take it all for granted because you have never had anything taken from you, your children, your languane, your home, your land, your life. Until you learn the truth I suggest you keep your silly remarks to yourself. You sounds like a fool.

  35. // December 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm //

    I say put the indians back on reserves and cut off their gross government funding.. then see how they like it

  36. we dont owe natives anything // December 22, 2012 at 3:24 pm //

    I am far from racist, but I do not believe anyone owe’s natives or any other race anything. Yes Canada was once upon a time a native nation; however times have changed. People want to be treated equal, then why do you have to push for extra special treatments then the average jo! if you want to be a equal, then everyone should have the same rights… If you want “privileged because of your ancestors” then live on the reserve have your rights but have no access to anything else outside of the reserve. We all have the same blood color and should be all treated the same…It is so sad to see how people take advantage of things because of their race.

  37. Has anyone on here actually read the bill??????? I’m assuming not, due to the wild statements and totally insane misunderstandings floating around. This bill is primarily about transparency and openness (like every other town) forcing chiefs to be accountable to the people that elected them and stop stealing their money, the average chief makes over $300,000 per year!!!!! As for land rights, it actually makes it easier for band councils to keep control, as they have to consult with their constituents before signing a rental agreement to rent out their land. So for people on her who want to vent and cry racism, READ THE BILL!!!! get informed so you aren’t yelling and screaming about something you have no idea about. Bands are given millions of dollars every year that disappears and no one bothers to question it. Does chief Spence drive an escalade?? Someone please ask her, the answer will surprise you.

  38. Regular Guy // December 22, 2012 at 3:09 pm //

    American Native Guy,

    I agree with you!

  39. Regular Guy // December 22, 2012 at 3:07 pm //

    Rayne, Your wrong….. Canada and Canadian taxpayers owe you nothing and its a farce that we continue to support you and millions others in this country that is having such a hard time surviving. You say white man brought disease and introduced you to alcohol, might be true but you or I weren’t around that long ago to confirm this account. I know that right now a young child not of First Nations decent has less chances of going to post secondary school because his family can’t afford it. How would you have gone to PSS if you wanted too, yup… taxpayers. Drop this land and fighting shit and lets just be a team and make this country great again! We need you and you need us so lets put aside our differences and stop throwing stones about disease, alcohol and lies and just be a team.

  40. For everyone saying that we owe natives nothing, you’re wrong. The native peoples of were fine until us white people came along and spread diseases, introduced the to alcohol, and started up residential schools. Do you drink water? Well then this bill effects you. 3% of the worlds water is fresh and drinkable. 2% of that is frozen. The majority of the fresh liquid water is in Canada. Can we really afford to let Harper fuck it up? Stop being ignorant and racist on here. We all need to forget about who’s native, caucasian, asain, black whatever. You live in Canada, you’re a Canadian and we need to work together to preserve our natural resources.

  41. American Native // December 22, 2012 at 11:48 am //

    To all racists… Natives have never regarded the “White Man” as their enemy. Wolfs, bears, eagles, and even trees are all are our brothers. And it is not a stretch to say all men from each content are our brothers. This tenant of Spirituality is an ancient belief given to us by the Creator. Hate is man made.

    With that said, Prime Minister Harper is treating the protectors of this land as enemies. We are not the cause of the economic collapse of the “Western World”, they are.

    We Natives are the canary in the coal mine. If they can take our rights away you can bet they are warming up to take yours. We fight for all men. Money and greed are behind this legislation…

  42. *LOSING TRACK OF WHAT THIS IS ABOUT* apology… Why? To sway opinions…first step in a long thought out plan.

    What is the plan? To obtain oil and sell resources
    During which conditioning us all to more changes to our rights
    The goal to strip us of them. We never truly voted Harper in, this
    Is a long time plan in the works. Don’t be stupid.

    Fight. The only thing that frightens these people are us in numbers.
    We. We have the power. But only if we all stand together.

    Can you remain focused. It’s Christmas..these things are always brought forward in times of public preoccupation.

    Canada is being sold off bit by you still believe this is your country and in democracy? Think again and stand up right next to your brother.

  43. I am confused. Natives want to be treated equal??? How can that be when they get free education, live tax free, have jobs and homes handed to them and abuse the systems put in place for them. Want to be treated equal?? Pay tax, pay for your own home and education and get a job and stop spending all your time on this kind of rebellious bullshit. Do something positive with your lives.

  44. They dont call us first nations for nothing, we were here first and should have first say when it comes to reserve land. “Our home and NATIVE land damn it. Lol

  45. Who’s land is it? No Indians paid for it just cause you were here first doesn’t mean it’s yours. And it’s sickening to go to work and I am the foreman to an earth moving company and my Indian operators make 1000 dollars more than me cause they don’t pay taxes. Cause they are on treaty grounds. If you Indians want it fair lets make it fair.

  46. Prince Albert resident // December 22, 2012 at 7:59 am //

    I am a nursing student at the First Nations University of Canada in Prince Albert SK. I am of both Caucasian and aboriginal decent and for most of my life lived in rural saskatchewan on a farm. My mother’s side is Sioux Indian and Scottish, and my father’s side is English, irish and Scottish. I have love and respect for both sides of my family. My mother’s side (who are members of the Sioux reserve here) has had issues with sexual abuse, and gambling. My father’s side has also seen physical abuse, mental illness, and alcohol/addictions issues. I understand that there are many aboriginal (I can only speak for what I see in my community in northern sask) unemployment, addiction, crime issues. I do not have the answer nor pretend to know what can be done to put a stop to these harmful behaviors. But I also understand that these issues are multi racial ones at that and can effect anyone. Please think of helpful, constructive, and assertive ways that we as coworkers, neighbour’s, and Canadians can better enable each other to be healthier. Then and only then will we see our people of all ethnicities flourish and positively effect our towns, cities, and ultimately the economy. Taking away rights of aboriginal people will not stop them from being who they are nor will it make the many issues we face disappear overnight. Opinions are important and valid, but i myself have found that my highest education has come from taking a step back and simply listening to what others have to say. Always remember that we are all human, we are all just trying to survive, and we all owe it to one another in the very least to show each other respect. I do not wish harm to anyone and still believe as a young Canadian woman that we can and will all come together to resolve this and the many other issues in our nation. Niave and simpleton esque this might all sound but it’s honest and very hopeful. Here’s to being a Canadian!

  47. I am a young First Nations woman who grew up in a privileged family… People need to realize that First Nations people are stuck in a rut because of racial profiling and broken families with a history dating back to residential schools. Our communities were destroyed and our people’s lives fell apart because of abuse and oppression. True First Nations people can work hard to better their lives but they need help to get out of the rut. People need an education and compassion. These people are fighting so hard to heal themselves but they cannot do it alone. Race has nothing to do with this bill.,, all Canadians should be concerned… This affects all of us. And consider treaty rights are like a lease agreement.. Legally the government has obligations they created for themselves…

  48. True Lee Canadian // December 22, 2012 at 6:19 am //

    What is this bill all about? It needs to be revised and broken down, there are 2 totally separate issues being discussed here – Why is saving land and water and the earth and the environment an issue? Doesn’t EVERYONE want that? The part of the bill I DO support is that the Govt needs to stop giving extra monetary privileges and cutbacks to Native peoples. Completely unfair and unrelated in my opinion. We are all equal, all living on this earth, in this great Country. ALL respect to all Aboriginals, but also to everyone else who lives in, contributed and contributes to the goodness of this Country. Time to stop the economic favorism. Equality is the new way of life. Peace and Equality. Love the land, love the people – but please, no more economic privileges. Hold your own. Funny how some quotes on here from non-supporters of the bill say “I am a peaceful person, but I will kick your ass”…Hipocrisy runs thick in here….

  49. I think that the federal goverment is doing a good thing here, they have intrusted that the first nations could protect there lands, to protect there people and what have we seen today, ntives snifing gas, 80% are alcholics. Major gangs are forming, they have little or no respect unponst the youth of the first nations to anyone other then them selves. they live tax free, using treaty cards, they are constently protesting for more land , shit some years back they even tryed to take over the 401 in Toronto, well that was quickly ended. im sorry but i think until they learn to look after thems selves and to look after there youth and land i think this bill is what needs to be done.
    The youth umongst the native people are selfish and ignorant, and the elders need to stand up and slap them back into there place..

    i remember reading about the natives from the past around the 1800’s to the 1900’s and they were full of pride and respect not only to them selves but to what seemed to be intouch and one with nature. and they respect the youth had to the elders was next to none. I loved reading there legends and way of life. about the warriors, and the cermimonies for coming a man or becoming a warrior, these stories were full of honor and respect, and loyalty.
    I tend to wonder what has happened to them, did they really get corrupted with greed and power that they lost there way? I am a shamed to admit any part of me is native.
    I dont know how they can live with themseleves after all of this,

    I believe that this bill is for the best.Lets work together to get things back on the right track.

  50. dont let harper take our rights! we must take a stand!
    How can i help?

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