Bill C 45- Fed Govt: More Control Over Reserves: Violations of Rights

Bill c 45 is a bill that violates First Nations’ treaty rights as well as human rights.
C-45 would bring significant changes to the Indian Act, including changes to land management on reserves which will make it easier for the federal government to control reserve land and reducing the protection of millions of lakes and rivers. In all it’s another bill to control land and control water perpatuating Agenda 21.
This bill is one of the omnibus bills forced through the House of Commons this year.

All of this legislation has been passed through without proper consultation and debate with first nations people.



“They basically tie in with land and resource use as well as the Indian Act. And the government is pushing these through. They are effectively ramming it through parliament very quickly, without proper debate and discussion and without hearing the voice of the First Nations.”
~ Don MacKenzie- director of Intergovernmental Affairs with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of P.E.I.





“the first nations of northwestern Ontario are concerned that their rights have been trampled by Bill C-45, the government’s omnibus budget bill. Concerns include leasing of reserve land, on-reserve voting rights and scrapping the Navigable Waters Protection Act, which reduced protection of millions of our lakes and rivers to less than 200. No longer protected are northwestern Ontario rivers like the Kaministiquia, or the Nipigon River, home of the largest speckled trout in the world. “
“neither has the Prime Minister consulted with scientists, academics, small businesses, Canadian workers, NGOs, provincial premiers, or Parliament, including his own backbenchers”
~ Bruce Hyer- MP for Thunder Bay


Because of this thousands of First Nations people’s have been protesting and rallying across the nation voicing their opinions and trying to raise awarness. A good alternative media-gross roots organization known as “Idle No More” has a good way to get involved and to get informed on these types of issues.

As time passes by more and mroe things that come up suggest that Idle No More is a socially engineered movement by the elites working as a psyoperation, much like The “Occupy Movement”.
For more info on that please CLICK HERE.


This is an attempt for the federal government take over all of the sovereign land of Canada and to be able to do as they please with rivers and lakes. At the same time they are engineering a ‘movement’ for everyone to take part in (Idle No More) so that the government can control their opposition (Canadian dissidents to Harper government). This effects as a whole. All Canadians have to wake up and realize that there is a corporate take over of this country, converting it to a one world government, big brother survellience/spying, cashless society ran by the United Nations.
The royal elites like to divide and conquer their populations they chose to oppress.


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  1. Just because what the settlers did to First Nations people was years ago, doesn’t mean that the suffering is over. The last residential school was losed in the 90’s, so it actually was not that long ago. We can be equal, but OUR TREATY RIGHTS ARE NON-NEGOTIABLE. What part of that don’t you understand?

  2. My First Nations ancestors survived for thousands of years before the European settlers arrived, and they were damn good at it. Did you know that when my ancestors hunted and killed their food, they utilized every part of the animal? They made tools, art, clothing, etc. They also had very sophisticated methods of hunting buffalo such as the ‘buffalo run’.They were always conscious of how much resources they were using, and only took what they needed. They did this so that they wouldn’t exhaust the land and there would be enough resouces left for generations to come.Oh and here’s the best part- the European settlers introduced my ancestors to alcohol. How much good did that do for us? This land is now filled with greedy people trying to make a profit off of everything, including our land and natural resources. There is so much more I have to say about this, but you need to take the initiative of learning on your own.

  3. Whiteman, you are unbelievably ignorant in regard to these issues. You have no clue what you are talking about, therefore you do not have the right to be a part of the conversation. I would advise you to take a Native Studies class before posting your ignorant little thoughts for the world to scoff at. You should be embaressed.

  4. Interesting read – I can’t believe that someone is allowed to put those awful comments (Pass the Bill) – I am part of the 60’s scoop and comments like that made me ashamed to be an Indian. It’s too bad people are not getting history straight or getting more knowledgable in regards to how First Nations people are taxed. Please stand up – do not allow this bill to be passed. Yes, the past was horrible, but now we have to live in the present and save our future for our children/grandchildren. Once again – IDLE NO MORE -

  5. So um, offending treaty rights and human rights is all of a sudden cool?
    What if it was your land being taken away for economic gain? Bet you wouldn’t like it.
    First Nations people have been neglected 130 year old treaty rights for, well, over 130 years. What kind of government neglects their own people? and better yet, the people that are the only reason that we are even here.
    IF it wasn’t for First Nations’ acceptance of Europeans on their soil, or the vast amount of assistance they contributed (without reward) to various settlers and explorers, we would be screwed.
    Annedda – Relieves Scurvy
    Snowshoes – Travel through snow
    Sled dog teams – travel through snow
    Pemmican – Main food source of Prarie Indians, made from Buffalo.

    Thats a small list of things, for those of you who are ignorant. Wake up and smell the roses people, you cry out when a couple white people get killed, or their rights are violated, but when a group of people who have been here for thousands of years can’t even live on their own land without being forcefully chipped away because some greedy bastard wants to, No one says anything. In fact, worse than that: people support it.??

  6. As first nations people it’s really hard to get a job in Canada or in the united states. It’s also really hard to get a decent job were there is no racist comments going on behind your back or someone that dislikes you because of who you are

  7. To--Whiteman // December 21, 2012 at 5:52 am //

    You know you have some nerve going to that. If it wasn’t for the ‘Whiteman’ this country would be a very green wild life teeming with a good clean way of life. The native people of North America didn’t need any of the shit the ‘Whiteman’ brought to them as the life as they had it was perfect. In all of history, the ‘Whiteman’ has been ‘taking over’ every land they have set foot on. The ‘Whiteman’ has turned the Human population into leaches of Earth. Before the ‘Whiteman’ came Humanity lived with and took care of Earth.

    I for one hope they do not pass this bill. This will mean that the ‘Whiteman’ has took over the world.

  8. Native pride // December 21, 2012 at 5:26 am //

    This bill is going to ruin and cause a lot of racism in Canada once again. The Canadian govt is not thinking of the land and the future for all Canadians we have the most purist waters and land in all of the world and as Canadians lets all be proud and protect the land. I hate to say it but if there is no consultation or resolution we are going to end up with oka all over again but this time it will be canada wide not just one nation but all First Nations. And we all need to avoid this sort of violence from happening but it probably will result to this cause as a First Nation we would do anything to protect Mother Earth. It is true though that it is time we as First Nation should begin to become dependant from the govt. but the most important thing that worries me is the enviroment that I enjoy hunting and fishing on and hope as a proud Canadian we can all preserve the land.

  9. My only comment to any of this is that when do the decendants of the europeans have to stop paying for what their ancestors did. If you as a people choose to continue to live in the fashion your ancestors did all the more power to you. If however you choose to live a modern lifestyle then as such you should be subject to all the same sanctions,provisions and regulations as everyone else. there are other cultures in canada who have lands that have been purchased by the groups and as a result they have ownership,however the waters and mineral rights are not theirs and never will be. We all live in this country and as a country we voted in the current government.I agree there should have been some discussions with the First nations however that would be a courtesy and not a necessity. Ultimately the land belongs to all Canadians and as such is at the descretion ofn the government. I think we all need to take a step back and look at the main concern which will be the ultimate and long term effect to the environment and not what it does or doesn’t mean to an individual racial group or creed but what it means to us as Canadians.

  10. I think that the First Nations People are the only ones who can help save this land. There isn’t much clean land and water left in the world. I don’t care who owns it, just keep it safe and renewable! The atrocities against NP are real and undeniable. If a person cannot understand this and its LONG term effects on social functioning and generations, s/he should take a little bit of time to learn about this intense history. A few years from now when we have nothing but land contaminated with poison and a pipeline owned by China, are we going to be ranting about this Great White Decision? The land is safer in the hands of its original keepers.

  11. WOW, I don’t support this bill just based on the fact that it is being “rammed” through the Senate. Any bill that affects so many should be reviewed, and debated. Today was the first I heard of this, I read, watch the news etc.???? To rush it through like this smacks of deceit.
    Ummm, some of the comments here have disturbed me deeply. WOW, to preface a statement with I’m not being racist then slamming a whole race of people is to me bizarre. Not all natives are drunks who live off the system. It is painful to see that so many are so ignorant and feel they have the right to say such hurtful things. A treaty is a contract, a contract signed is a legal agreement that should not be turned over when it is convenient no matter how long ago it was signed. If this can be done with the natives it can be done with anyone in Canada. We are all Canadians, all of us. If a contract signed in good faith is no good in this case then under what circumstances is any agreement to be honoured?

  12. Frankie Gotz // December 21, 2012 at 3:43 am //

    You obviously don’t know about the suppressed technologies that do not require oil. The govt is suppressing it because they want us to be dependent on them for energy

  13. your land my land, this land belongs to the earth. no-one can claim it as my land or reserve land. fine you want your land then this is what should happen: all the non-native people will pack up our bags and go back where our ancestors came from, we will take everything from you, the power, the electricity we gave you, the fuel for vehicles the natural gas that we provide, the concrete and metal for buildings, technology in all aspects, clothing, industry, wealth, hospitals, medical care… i could go on and on. all of this was given to you and you still complain. if you didn’t have us where would you be today??? still living in grass huts, teepee’s, hunting with bow and arrow or spear, wearing animal hides??? what else do you want from us??? it’s about time we take something back. so Harper pass this bill, you have my support!!!

  14. Frank Louis // December 21, 2012 at 3:08 am //

    This is not a domocratic Government, this simple mojority Government was become a Dictator Government. all members of the consertative Party that disagree agianst the Bill Stand up and take the Government Back and make it a democratic government agian. Not be a bunch of fallowers.

  15. protect our mother earth // December 21, 2012 at 2:49 am //

    If we put the land to good use as some of you ppl have suggested how is our mother earth suppose to produce clean air and water as poluted as it alredy is? the Harper government and thoese who support bill c-45 take what little protected land and water we have left. polute and toxify it and there goes our source of survival!! so our fight to stop bill c-45 is not just for our rights but its also for our mother earth who is unable to speak for her self!!! (our) meaning all of mankind

  16. And everyone here who is defending Harper and bill c45: You are all mindless zombies sucking from the teat of mainstream media; I hope you never have children because presumably, the world you want them to live in will be devoid of flora, fauna, culture, and liberty. You have to be a complete sheep-person to accept c45.

  17. As a white Anglo-Saxon I am absolutely sickened by the ignorant morons who are of my European heritage… Fools who criticize, but are blind to bill c45’s impact to nature, to our aboriginal brothers, to us all as Canadians. I am so disgusted at how we treated and continue to treat the original inhabitants of this land, who were too wise too claim ownership of plains, rivers, valleys, and lakes. Idle no more.

  18. I don’t support this bill at all.

    The native people weren’t even really consulted when this bill was being pushed through. You cannot just make a deal and go back on it, a deal is a deal. A negotiation with both parties should have taken place.

    Anyone who wants to make racist jokes about native people drinking etc. Who do you think brought them all the alcohol in the first place? Who do you think raped, molested, beat etc. their families and forced them into residential schools?

    I’d be downing a lot of alcohol if that happened too. All the abuse being passed on down from family to family.

    It’s our grandparents and theirs who corrupted them in the first place. They signed a whole country away in order for those rights.

    How about we all just steal eachother’s goods and use the line “but it was bought/sold a long time ago”

    Harper isn’t going to put these lands into good use. He’s going to ruin them and shift us even further into global warming. In the end it’s all about the power and money.

    The greed honestly sickens me.

  19. So you think this is ancient history. Them damn lazy indians are dirty savages and make canada look bad.You think indians just gotta show up with a feather and a ponytail and they are given a job. You think that job is tax free too? You are stunned. Read if you can. Only be afraid if truth hurts. Your gov’t has not paid for this land. your government still speaks with a forked tongue.

  20. How can anyone who calls themselves Canadian not know where they are. You are on first nations land. All citizens and government. Through your colonialism which you all take part in today, you have not paid for it. Hundreds of years of stealing and manipulation continues. Land claims and treaty rights are not gifts. We are not burdens on white society. Its still our land. If the government would focus on fulfilling treatys they signed, integration can be acheived. Take my country and place me on a small parcel of land and call it a reserve, take my culture, kill my people, genocide is occurring today. On these “gift resrves” there are No jobs, no infrastructure, no hope, no truth.

  21. Jo-Mary Crowchild // December 20, 2012 at 8:52 pm //

    If you want this bill to pass, please don’t get mad when an uprage happens. We are trying to work with Harper in peace, but if he doesn’t even talk to any of the First Nations Chiefs and Leaders, the Aboriginals of Canada are tired of waiting.

  22. Jo-Mary Crowchild // December 20, 2012 at 8:47 pm //

    To Jacob,
    If the european ancestors didn’t bring it to Canada, no one would be addicted and affected by these poisons. The First Nation people have lost their way because of the residential schools and hurt that the government has done.

  23. Jo-Mary Crowchild // December 20, 2012 at 8:43 pm //

    I don’t support this bill. First Nations had their land taken away and forced to lose so much since pre1880. This bill is causing us to lose more, when the government made a law that dealing with anything that belongs to us, can only be changed or dealt with the First Nation’s Chiefs and Leaders of Canada. So making us give up our land, is casing more hurt and pain that will take way longer to heal. People are still hurt from Residential Schools, which still have an affect on the First Nation community; so if this bill doesn’t get stopped, Harper…. you are hurting the people of Canada.

  24. Spaulding01 // December 20, 2012 at 7:51 pm //

    Ok so This is for Gerri. I understand what happened years ago. It was horrible and unforgivable. However that was then and this is now. I strongly believe that there should now be equality. Both whites and natives alike have taken much for granted and still do today. I don’t care for how when someone says white people or natives as a whole. Ive seen the corruption on both sides and I’ve seen the strive for equality on both sides. There is a line separating the white and native peoples And that is what disgusts me. I think that everyone should live and be treated equally and bury the hatchet. Enough is enough. Your life and how you live it is what you make it. Yes there will always regrettably be racism from both sides making equality difficult. It’s saddening. But people need to no matter what their skin colour should be on a level playing field. Anyone on either side holding their hands out saying give me this should have their hands slapped and be responsible for their own life and how they live it. You want to make a living, get your ass out and work for it. If you expect a hand out, here’s an application. Fill it out. We all live under the rules of the government. News flash, most white people don’t like it either. No one is truly free and in order to live any kind of lifestyle you have to fill the govt coffers first and obey their rules. Any way I was kind of all over the place but these are just a few of the things I have on my mind and I would like to see more equality. We’ve come a long way but we have so far to go.

  25. It is sad that something like this has to happen for anyone to suddenly decide that they need to fight for their “rights”. Why are we not fighting for the rights of the children who are starving because the parents have decided that their needs are more important than the needs of their children are. What about all of the land regardless of who owns it that is littered with garbage or carelessly started on fire because they are do not take the responsibility of looking after the land seriously. We are all responsible for our actions regardless of our nationality or what happened in the past. We have most certainly not learned from the past, we are instead using the past as a crutch to continue down the same destructive path. It is easier to place blame than it is to take responsibility for our own actions and try to become the equal that we so desperately claim that we want to be.

  26. Support this bill all the way .people say reserves need
    More money well here you go , there eye sores in every province and to the last guy here talking about he want to push more oil that’s a good thing that gives us all jobs I will vote Harper and the conservative all day long

  27. Reducate U shouldn’t judge what u don’t know… You think u know because u believe what your told, aboriginals live off ur taxes or were a group of bottom feeders… Like come on, other races do just that but we all know Harper would never point the finger at his own kind.

    I’m aboriginal, I work full time , I pay my taxes .. I know tons of aboriginals who do the same so stop passing judgment without knowledge.

    It’s easy to point the finger and listen to everything were told but some of us were raised to educate ourselves before passing the wrong message on and , protect what’s right.

  28. Saving Water // December 20, 2012 at 4:32 pm //

    Yes this bill affects us, but it affects everyone in general because we all need water to survive-farmers, towns, cities.

  29. Well that’s not fault they didn’t receive any good traeaty they got screwed lool but thing is ur on ower lands belongs to native ppl not white man or anything else so u should pay us to live here lool no free if u don’t like it go back were u came from

  30. Pass the bill!!! // December 20, 2012 at 4:15 pm //

    HAHAHHAHA PASS THE BILL! Make all those useless Lysol drinking reserve living government tit suckling Indians work for a living like the rest of us! HAHAHAHAH who gives a shit of hundred of ears ago we genocided them, that affected your grandparents grandparents lol not you. It’s about time we put an end to treating these fuckin Indians like god dam baby’s, Rey can pay for their shy and not be just given everything, then maybe there houses and land won’t look like shit cuz they’ll actually have to work for it :) also I’m tired of heading out to
    My house and there being 100 fucking Indians waiting on the side of the road to catch a lift to the reserve. Get real. But a vehicle pay inscurance, actually do something with your life! Hurray for bill c 45!!! Let’s pass this shit and start treating the Indians like real people not god dam
    Children. There fully capable of working for themselves. They don’t need all this special treatment.

  31. Joe Canada // December 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm //

    The Natives have been doing nothing at all but enjoying the good life on our backs for centuries. It’s been over 400 years and time Natives just do what everyone else in Canada does, work and pay taxes and live a life from hard earned wages. Scrap indian affairs, take back all the land and sell it to whover can afford it. If they wnat a nice life they can work for it, otherwsie live in the gutters and do your drinking there. Natives are a HUGE drain on Canada and it has to stop.

  32. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:09 pm //

    Pass the bill and put the land to some use? What are you talkin about? That land belongs to the natives, no statute or act can be made into law without consent.
    If someone came onto your property and told you to get fuck out because they were going to build a pipeline woudl you do it?

    The land will not be put to good use, it will be used to enslave Canada even more with non renewable energy.

  33. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:07 pm //

    And we should have less taxation.. Do you even know the economics of each tax or do you just pay them blindly like a sheep??

  34. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:06 pm //

    The last 20 prime ministers have had ties to Power Corporation and Power Corp is heavily involved with the Bilderberg Group. ALL POLITICIANS ARE PUPPETS and until people realize that the Bilderberg Group’s agenda’s will always be fullfilled

  35. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:04 pm //

    The British Royal families took over the land, not white people. Be more specific otherwise you’re being racists

  36. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:03 pm //

    what does this have to do will bill c 45? NOTHING!

  37. Frankie Gotz // December 20, 2012 at 2:03 pm //

    Umm we do not live in the greatest country in the world. We are one of the highest taxed country’s and most hours of work.
    We do not live in a free country. We are ranked 6th best country in the world. Wake up

  38. It makes me sick seeing all of these comments. I will try to address each one that severly offends me, but I know it is because a lack of knowledge on your part that you stand in ignorance.
    1) Eric
    Posted December 19, 2012 at 11:17 PM
    “I’m not a racist I have family who are natives. Pass this bill, put the land to some actual use.”
    ” You must not know the local community of aboriginal people to imply that the reserve land is not put to use. The land holds the history of the aboriginal people. It holds the traditional and cultural knowledge that generations upon gernerations of aboriginals used to live WITH the land. Aboriginal people are fighting for LAND ETHICS something we should all share, for the prosperity of future healthy generations. You are currently occupying land that was once the home of the aboriginal people, be a responsible Canadian and share the same respect towards the land.

    A true CANADIAN
    Posted December 19, 2012 at 10:38 PM
    “We should all be treated equal I pay taxes I vote I don’t get free housing or special treatment I live I’n the greatest country I’n the WORLD YES IN THE WORLD all tax payers know this if we all vote pay taxes and live I’n the greatest country no one would be a minority yours truly a true CANADIAN”

    You must not understand what a minority is when because you have always lived being the priveledged majority. Aboriginals do pay taxes when they are not working on reserve. Why shouldn’t aboriginals get special treatment ? Please increase your knowledge and at least google the history of Canada in regards to its treatment among Aboriginal people. The broaden your information of what is called “intergenerational affects”. you will then be able to comprehend why Aboriginals receive different treatment among the other folks of Canada. Canada was at fault of commiting ” Genocide” under the United Nations ” Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” along with committing a crime against the “UNIVERSAL declarations of HUMAN rights” with the residential school system the Canadian government forced upon the aboriginals. Therefore, you will see why it is only fair that aboriginals of Canada receieve “special treatment” because they were caused to be a minority in their own country.

    Posted December 19, 2012 at 9:57 PM
    “Im just sayin this about the first nations kids of my school. They take everything for granted. they never show up to school, mainly because their getting drunk or smoking weed. There is probably half of our school which is native and all they do is smoke weed and drink. youll rarely see them in class, and when you do, they are high and dont do any work. We are not in a skiddy toronto school. we are in a normal, public high school in the country. Im not being racist and im not at all racist. Im just giving you a look at what our school’s like. This needs to stop.”

    Jacob, don’t put your two cents in what needs to “stop” when you don’t know how the circumstances of how this came to be about in the “first” place.

  39. If the passing of Bill C-45 was merely for the purpose for ALL of us Canadians to hunt, fish, etc then I wouldn’t have any issues with it as long as there were rules set around it. The fact is that just like “Joe Somebody” said, it’s just a way for Harper to ruin the land by running dirty oiul through our country! If ONLY we ALL got together we could completely take over the government. The only problem is that too many people could care less and would rather just sit back and let it happen. WHEN are we going to STOP being treated like puppets and stand up for ourselves and for OUR RIGHTS AS HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!

  40. Germain Sinclair // December 20, 2012 at 8:16 am //

    Treaty land is the only land that isnt tainted. Natural ecosystems and wildlife reside there. And the government owning it will only endanger the natural inhabitants and ruin the tranqulity of it. We will fight for our rights and be the voice for mother nature.

  41. Hey am not white am NATIVE N proud to be one for one thing jacobs not all native ppl r drinks or drug addict so if I were u shut ur mouth ur not in there shoes in reality dis not ur land belong to native ppl white man took over jus like they did everywere not only did they almost wiped us out they rape our lands forever thing so for u to talk shit I wouldn’t cuz u don’t belong here get it go back were u come from!!! U ppl disgust me

  42. Many countries in the world are taken over at one time and they did not receive special treatment. Nor should people who are not using it properly

  43. Michele Musil // December 20, 2012 at 4:55 am //

    The “sacred headwaters” are still sacred, but now with the passing of bill c-45 scrapping the navigable waters protection act now threatens all the waterways. Steven Harper, you need to meet with Chief Spence, you know where to find her. You don’t have to keep saying that you can’t get in touch with her. You know exactly where she is across the river from Parliament Hill. You need to have your consciousness raised and get connected to the land like our fine first nations brothers and sisters. I just had mine raised listening to CBC radio tonight to the “Idle No More” protesters. If chief Spence dies from her hunger strike, their will surely be hell to pay!! It is mostly common sense. We need to preserve our waterways for all Canadians and we need to improve and preserve good relations with our first nations which will benefit all Canadians. Forget the money/power hungry Chinese corporations, lets talk with our fellow Canadians and First Nations people at the grass roots. At some point this has to be about the people and not just the GDP and the almighty dollar which can easily be rendered useless if there is no water to drink and no salmon to feed us.

  44. we have to get rid of this crazy government. They have blinders on and only see one point of view. who are their masters?

  45. I’m not a racist I have family who are natives. Pass this bill, put the land to some actual use.

  46. A true CANADIAN // December 19, 2012 at 10:38 pm //

    We should all be treated equal I pay taxes I vote I don’t get free housing or special treatment I live I’n the greatest country I’n the WORLD YES IN THE WORLD all tax payers know this if we all vote pay taxes and live I’n the greatest country no one would be a minority yours truly a true CANADIAN

  47. Im just sayin this about the first nations kids of my school. They take everything for granted. they never show up to school, mainly because their getting drunk or smoking weed. There is probably half of our school which is native and all they do is smoke weed and drink. youll rarely see them in class, and when you do, they are high and dont do any work. We are not in a skiddy toronto school. we are in a normal, public high school in the country. Im not being racist and im not at all racist. Im just giving you a look at what our school’s like. This needs to stop.

  48. joe somebody // December 19, 2012 at 5:41 am //

    Btw Joe somebody is white, and not in anyway shape or for racist. I love our first nations people and am married to one.

    I am however prejudice to the people making hateful comments simply because of their own stupidity and ignorance.

  49. joe somebody // December 19, 2012 at 5:39 am //

    +1 nor do I. I’m all for earning your keep etc. But by taking everything away violates the previous agreements. I have seen a lot of white/native bashing and racism over the past few weeks now. And its simply disgusting I can’t believe how divided our nation is because of the colors of our skin. Seriously people we’re not in the 1950s anymore time to get a grip.

    Do your homework, this in my opinion is just another part of Harper’s ploy to run dirty oil through our country to put cash in his own pocket.

    I never voted for him, and I will be sure to reapeat this again come election time. Harper, you have done no good for this country in my eyes.

  50. Julie karakochuk // December 18, 2012 at 2:54 am //

    I do not support this bill

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