7.7 Earthquake Hits Where The Worlds Largest Geoengineering Experiment Took Place

A 7.7 Earthquake hit the coast of British Columbia on Saturday night, and there has since been as many as 40 aftershocks today. Including one that measured 6.4 in magnitude. The quake sent many residents on the coast, fleeing for higher ground due to tsunami warnings. That where issued as far away as Hawaii.

The Earthquake originated on the island of Haida Gwaii, other wise know as the Queen Charlotte Islands region. The islands are located along the Queen Charlotte Fault, which is an active transform fault that produces significant earthquakes every 3–30 years. (the last major one happening in 1949, that measure 8.1 in magnitude)

As soon as I caught the news of this quake today, the first thing that came to mind was. Wasn’t Haida Gwaii recently in the news?

Worlds Largest Geoengineering Test Conducted Off Canadian West Coast

“In July 2012 a private businessman named Russ George, or as the Vancouver Sun has dubbed him the “rogue climate hacker”. Dumped over 100 tonnes of iron into the pacific ocean, just off the coast of British Columbia (Haida Gwaii) in the largest ever geoengineering experiment.

The iron is meant to help spawn plankton (main stream press have dubbed these creatures “artificial plankton”) that will absorb carbon dioxide and then sink to the ocean bed. A geoengineering technique known as ocean fertilization. George hopes that this will be lucrative in carbon credits. But even the strongest of man made climate change proponents agree that he has gone too far, and some are outraged. According to the main stream news outlets.”
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Could this be simply be a coincidence? Well as many in the alternative media have realized. Coincidences in situations like this are very, very rare.

This type of situation would also be ideal for any private corporation of government in the chance of a disaster in result of a geoengineering experiment of that scale. It gives plausible deniability. Since this is in the area of an active fault line, there is no chance of proving that the experiment caused the earthquake.

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  1. NastyGash // November 2, 2012 at 7:40 pm //

    I get it now!

    This is a humour/satire web site. Like The Onion only not nearly as funny. And readers are permitted to add their (attempts at) humour.

  2. Yes, I am a Yank. Only I have rational concerns for what my government is capable of! So should you.

  3. Pay attention to what they are doing with HARP. They have the ability to change lives and political, “natural” events. Magnetic force is one to be reckoned with. Educate yourself before you dismiss or disclaim it as a “conspiracy”>

  4. you are a quack.

  5. The Ocean weighs more than 100 tons.

  6. NastyGash // November 2, 2012 at 4:32 am //

    What nonsense!

    “Geo-magnetic effect”?
    “Bounce HAARP off iron-loaded seas”?
    “hurricanes have been manipulated by HAARP”?
    “Iron + HAARP = Earthquake”?

    I have concluded that the majority of comments and possibly the original article are trolls. Either that or they are written by Yanks. Canadians aren’t in general this ignorant. Yes, trolls or Yanks. Probably overdosed on Coast to Coast, too.

  7. Yes maybe 100 tons is tiny, but think of the area it covers….it could give Haarp a kind of boost over this area like wind in a sail. Very light material but takes you a long way…. just my 2 cents here….

  8. Barry Sotero // November 1, 2012 at 7:23 pm //

    Let’s employ a little bit of scientific method to this hypothesis:

    let’s re-create the experiment!

    If we get the same or similar results, then there might be something to all this after all.

  9. Dan Yerga // November 1, 2012 at 3:42 pm //

    Stupid. 100 tons of iron is nothing – a small ship at best.

  10. There is nothing conclusively proven in the article. But one does have to consider the possibility of a geo-magnetic effect produced along the Queen Charlotte transform fault caused by the dumping of 100 tonnes of iron powder.

  11. Connecting the dots: Iron + HAARP = Earthquake. Sound waves travel faster in iron. Yes, read that again. And no, ‘folks’ (I hate it when Obama calls everybody ‘folks,’ don’t you?) – No, folks, concern for global warming, reducing C02 had nothing to do with this iron dump. Cover story stuff. This so-called ‘experiment’ was part of the larger strategy to make HAARP even more effective, as its waves are bounced down to the ocean floor, to shoot up in the atmosphere and then ‘Forward’ (Obama Marxist Slogan) in full strength, let’s say, to highest frequency ever monitored before. HAARP targetted the northeast, just in time for the man-made ‘October Surprise’ – HURRICANE SANDY! HAARP manipulates earthquaqes and hurricanes. Hello, folks.

  12. Bravo for making the connection between the huge earthquake and the “ocean fertilization experiment.” This should go viral, because guess what, people? Sound waves travel faster in iron. Read that again. Bounce HAARP off iron-loaded seas and ocean floors, and the scientists have even more fun in fine-tuning it. Like Hurricane Sandy. The level of HAARP hitting the NE USA is way off the charts. Earthquakes and hurricanes have been manipulated by HAARP for many years now, for political and economic advantage. This is true. Check it out. Get the nooses ready.

  13. Great games are being played, turn a blind eye if u want but we are all going to pay the price

  14. I doubt 100 tons of iron caused the earthquake. Maybe they did more than they say they’ve done, but at this point I don’t believe this guy has caused an earthquake.

  15. This is pure speculation! No evidence is offered to support the implication that dumping the iron caused the earthquake. Post hoc ero propter hoc – “after this therefore because of this”. Many other events occurred near the epicenter around the time of the quake. Why choose this one and not any of the others as the cause?

    “Coincidences in situations like this are very, very rare.”
    “I do not believe in coincidences with things of this nature.”

    On what do you base these conclusions? What are “things of this nature” and “situations like this”?

    100 tonnes is minuscule compared to the weight of the water and of the geologic formations involved in the quake. And it was iron powder and it was spread over a large area. The area is prone to quakes. The quake occurred 3 months after the dumping. Do you really believe it likely that the dumping was the cause of the quake?

    This is very lazy, sloppy, thinking.

  16. Terry Wilson // October 29, 2012 at 7:44 am //

    Throw “artificial plankton” into google. The process has been called that many times. I simply find it curious that a large Earthquake hit in the same area where this experiment was conducted. Never once is it stated that the iron cause the Earthquake, but that I do not believe in coincidences with things of this nature.

  17. 100 tons of iron…. so basically, the equivalent of a ship sinking. A large cargo ship can have a deadweight of over 200,000 tons all by itself. And what are “artificial plankton”? 100 tons of iron is just not that much. Just ONE cubic meter of iron weighs nearly 8000 kilos!

  18. why isnt Russ George in jail?

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