Mass Genocide Of Mohawk Children By UK Queen And Vatican Uncovered In Canada

By: Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

BRANTFORD, ON, CANADA – Mass graves of Mohawk children have been uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute, a residential school for Mohawk operated by the Church of England and the Vatican before its closure in 1970.

According to Rev. Kevin Annett, Secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States (, the Mohawk Institute was “set up by the Anglican Church of England in 1832 to imprison and destroy generations of Mohawk children. This very first Indian [First Nations] residential school in Canada lasted until 1970, and, like in most residential schools, more than half of the children imprisoned there never returned. Many of them are buried all around the school.”

Preliminary scanning by ground penetrating radar adjacent to the now closed main building Mohawk Institute has revealed that “between 15-20 feet of soil” was brought in and put over the mass graves just before the Mohawk Institute closed in 1970 in order to camouflage the mass graves of Mohawk Children and avoid prosecution for genocide and crimes against humanity under the Geneva Conventions, the International Criminal Court, and cooperating national courts.

International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States ( is expected to commence judicial proceedings starting in late October 2011 in Brussels, Belgium and Dublin, Ireland for child genocide crimes against humanity against defendants Elizabeth Windsor, head of state of Canada and head of the Church of England and Pope Joseph Ratzinger, both of whom knowingly participated in the planning and coverup of the child genocide, according to forensic evidence.

The Tribunal sessions were originally to have been held in London, U.K. However, The U.K. government has denied entrance to the Secretary and major jurists and staff of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States ( without cause.

The discovery of the mass graves of Mohawk children, uncovered by ground-penetrating radar at the Mohawk Institute comes on the heels of videotaped evidence by eyewitness William Coombes, who in Oct. 1964 witnessed Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, visit an aboriginal school in Kamloops, British Columbia, choose 10 young aboriginal children, made them kiss her feet, and allegedly took them from the school for a picnic at a lake.

The 10 aboriginal children were never seen again. Mr. Coombes, who was to give evidence at the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and States ( of Elizabeth Windsor’s child genocide, was murdered in Feb. 2011. Fortunately, Mr. Coombes’ testimony was videotaped before his death and is available for the Tribunal.

Rev. Kevin Annett states that instruments of torture such as a rack for torturing the Mohawk children in ritual torture have been found at the now closed Mohawk Institute. Eyewitnesses from the Mohawk community have stated they witnessed priests in red robes torturing children in ritual torture.

Rev. Annett made these revelations in an exclusive Oct. 7, 2011 interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre. In the interview, Rev. Annett acknowledges the close parallels between the Oct. 1964 personal child genocide and possible ritual killings of 10 aboriginal children by Elizabeth Windsor, Head of State of Canada and Head of the Church of England, and the child genocides occurring during the same period at the Mohawk Institute.

These parallels suggest that Elizabeth Windsor, as Head of State and Head of the Church of England was personally aware of, ordered, and participated in this systematic program of genocide and ritual torture and killings at Church of England residential schools operated by the Church of England and the Vatican.

In his interview, Rev. Annett stated that the mainstream Canadian media, as well as the government of Canada, are maintaining a coverup and media blackout of the discoveries of Mohawk child genocide at the Mohawk Institute.

Listen to interview with Rev. Kevin Annett

Readers can listen to Alfred Lambremont Webre’s interview of Rev. Kevin Annett in the article above or at the following URL:

International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State

9 Comments on Mass Genocide Of Mohawk Children By UK Queen And Vatican Uncovered In Canada

  1. brant watson // June 29, 2012 at 9:08 am //

    wanting another punished puts one in same boat of the would-be punished. far more transcendental action can be applied. healing (we are all healers) loving (we all are divine expression (which is love) on this earth plane) complete (only our knowledge of who we really –ARE– will give us insight into our true nature to complete the puzzle) energies can be sent to both sides of this tragedy bringing one’s true nature of spirit above lower vibrational expression of matter. this, in-effect, is one of the many ways to access higher frequencies where we all will find there is no seperation, there is only the illusion of seperation. if it was you punishing you certainly more constructive, less costly methods of adherence would be employed. punishment costs both sides waaaaaaaaaaaay more than necessary and is a prime example of the changes which will soon be here. if our system was run properly 85-95% of people sucking up tax dollars FOR FREE AND USUALLY FOR CRIMES THAT DO NOT CONSTITUTE EVEN A SHORT JAIL TERM. IF EDUCATION WERE APPLIED PROBLEM SOLVED–PACKING THEM IN TO PRISONS WORSENS BY PERPETUATION OF SUCH A LAME SYSTEM WHICH IS THE TRUE TRAVESTY.

  2. HM Queen Elizabeth 2 picked 10 Mohawk children, made them kiss her feet ant took them on a picnic after which they were never seen again ? This is a statement that, if it were not so serious, would be laughable. Is it seriously suggested that the Queen, Prince Philip, their personal bodyguards, the Royal Protection Squad (who would in all probability have been provided by the RMP), the photographers and all of the rest of the entourage would have kept quiet about such a thing ? As for ANYONE kissing her feet is concerned it is against protocol and , in any event, the Woman herself would never allow it. What the Catholic fathers may or may not have done is another matter – they were renowned for terrible treatment of children and as we are now learning from Jersey, it may well have been that a number of murders were carried out, probably all over the globe. But the Queen ? absolute pure total rubbish.

  3. charles myrick // January 23, 2012 at 8:31 am //

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  6. mike sweet // October 15, 2011 at 8:27 pm //

    its sad but its our history they hide these atrosities and fail to recognize legitimate land claims then wonder why they have the blockades and turmoil it sadddens me

  7. I’m surprised by the lack of public outrage towards a ruling monarchy that is and always has been based on violence & corruption. As a child attending public school in BC I wondered why we had to sing God Save the Queen every morning, now I know why. Kurt Cobain dressed like a haggard version of her, many musicians sing about her hatred and abuse of people, yet fish swim towards shiny objects, and line up for hours to get a glimpse of this monster in drag. The Truth is right in front of us, so ugly that many people won’t even look, denial is an enabler.

  8. A.R.Simard // October 15, 2011 at 5:29 pm //

    If this is, in fact true testimony, it is totally barbaric, and disgusting; inhumane to say the least. Residential schools should never have been allowed to exist in the first place, they have created nothing but heartache for the families who had to tolerate losing their children, and their childrens innocence and childhood to them. As mentioned before, if this is in fact what occured, I hope those still alive today and responsible for this atrocity are punished to the full extent of the law.

  9. Craig Mouldey // October 14, 2011 at 11:00 pm //

    Most Canadians are oblivious, dumbed down and in denial about the acts of government and insiders, thinking they in some way care about us. The queen is a globalist which as a group cares nothing for the lives of others. Their intent is to reduce the world population by about 80% because we are “worthless eaters”.

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